The reality of life
Is the appearance of the unexpected visitor 
Whose presence, takes his guest to a cross road
With or without notice

There is nothing sudden about it 
For it moves about Picking on it's next catch
Where he could laugh while people wail
Where it could mock while people are puzzled 

It's visit is like breakfast 
We all will have a taste
Our time only differs
And our meal differs too

No one lives forever
Even the crowned kings
Bow to it's presence
While the powerful, worships, while still taken away

Wailers should wail no more
It will always come within us
We only seek more space and time 
Before it's next strike

It's next abode we know not
it takes a strong heart to celebrate a transition
it's only a road to the other road
A road that leads to a home we all will arrive

So death! Be not proud!
This life is not a forever home
It's only a marketplace 
We will eventually take home our good.

A home we will live
A home we will forever be
A home where we worry no more
Of your arrival to our abode.
Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

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