Life In-Between

photo by Tolani Alli. https://tolanialli.com/index.php

Religion is not war
Religion is not human difference
It teaches love and humanity

Dear son, 
Riches and gold I cannot give
But I can teach you life lessons
Lessons you can pass on to you own generations
I can take you to places
Places to see people

I can point to you who I know
I can point to you what I know
But I may not 
Be able to make you talk to them

Dear son,
The position of that man, today
Is not forbidden to anyone
You can get there too.
A lot is required,
A lot, I myself cannot explain

The man in the vehicle 
Guided by lots of security 
Is born of man
Created by the same God we serve

All I can say is 
Thread gently
Think wisely
Be calm and kind

Stay true to yourself
Be good to people no matter what
Be obedient even if no one sees you
Have a clean heart

Dear son,
I cannot say it all
But I want this day to remain in you
I want you to remember this day
And many days yet to come, 
we will have lots of memories
For you to learn life lessons.

Poem by Nimota Idera Dauda-Ajao
Photo by Tolani Alli

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