Beyond my determination is the will to keep moving
Beyond my determination is the will never to stop
Beyond my determination is to overcome the obstacles
Beyond my determination is what i have to achieve
Why i started all that matters not what is holding me back
The road to success is rough, very rough and tough
I will sweat, suffer and will be at the point of giving up
The tunnel is very dark, darker than ever imagined
But my determination will make me see the light at the end of the tunnel
The road to success is filled with sinister, whirlwind, dark cloud,
But i will see the rain through perseverance, after the rain comes sunshine
Giving up is not an option beyond my determination
Because winners are willing to do what losers cannot.
Be Determined.

On his birthday… — Try to get it!

Today is a vacation in my country.. Today is Prophet Mahammad Birthday… What should I tell him??? Should I tell him that the majority of moslems misunderstood Islam and became away of its princeples ? Should I tell him that our numbers are gowing up but our strength is going down? Should I tell him […]

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Fatherless Nation

A must read about my Dear Mother Nigeria

Adekunle Writes

by Adekunle Adewunmi.

Depression, suppression, corruption, election –
All addictions including seduction
Yet, no solution..

Fathers they say, gives feathers
Even with the covering of the mother,
His absence, massive disaster!

Shall we explain that the absence of our father,
The sudden death of heroes past –
Has blessed this entity with bastards?

Probably, mother Nigeria re-married
To give birth to tyrants – wolves,
That govern their mother’s children like goats.

Oh father,
Your early departure has made a wreck
Of the family you left for mother to handle
For the handle got broken due to the weight
of its content.

I remebered how you you trained us, even my seniors
To serve You land with trust, strength and faith
Not to make your labour waste away
But build an empire bound in freedom.

Freedom withheld, pease slaughtered.
Daily, the blood of your children in the North weeps loud

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The Khaki

The joy of my 4 year

Not likened to the 1 year uniform

Though paid token

It’s a hell of a beauty

I wear so much pride

Serving my dear country

But In return

It’s a slap on my face

I forgot to bear In mind

What I’ll face

Years to come

Job or not

I serve in joy

The hotness I feel

In the oversize I’m offered

How crazy it is

To serve my nation with pride

With hope

With love

With might

With strength

And at the end of it all

Some remain on the street

With the struggle of 4 years

In a sheet or two

Searching for the unknown Favour

What a calamity in disguise

Richly Poor Poorly Rich

I love my country so much

I Stand to be corrected


1. Title 1

Oxymoron is
Paradoxically true
For a mouth that works
With nothing to chew.

Take a deep breath
Then duff your beret
For a Place, my Place
Of enormous wealth.

A place with a trace
Of the promise land
Yet her populace
Dine swim in penury flood.

Millions of affluent
Willing to buy breath
Dictating the script
Money answereth bullshit

The scars and rashes
Needs no glasses or elite
To interpret the gnash
Of fingers and teeth.

Times are hard as a rock
And unemployment
Control the stocks

Opportunities fly
As time goes by
We struggle and try
To be opportuned or die.

But success is delayed
Because tommorrow is sold
Many are born indebted
Yet grow into worse of folds.

Written by Neematdiary & Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

2. Title 2

The East call us a zoo
The North call us a fool
The South call us cruel
The West use us as school.

Now we are all left
In a jungle to hustle
Hence face our troubles
To survive as the fittest.

Written by Neematdiary & Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

3. Title 3

Dumping nature for glits
We leave village homes
Heading for mansions
In the big cities.

Kings turn to slaves
Warriors turn cooks
When we go broke
We turn beggars

Whereas back home
Our food rots…
Caused by greed.

Written by Neematdiary & Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

4. Title 4

We were kings and queens
Custodian of the gods
Until we exposed ourselves
To the hatred that engulf us

Artifacts we battered
Exchanging our rods
Discarding our gods
For crosses and moons.

Yes we had ethinicities
But we then worsen it
By borrowed extremist
And religious fanatics.

Written by Neematdiary & Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

5. Title 5.

We are blacks
We are not whites

For beeping alerts
They morgage tommorrow

Though we complain
Of the handlers,

We are the programmers
Of our very mischief.

The truth is known to us
But we close our eyes

Pilling up files
For generations to come

Yet, we complain
I blame no leader

I blame ourselves
For giving out our right

To the those men
Who barely know theirs.

I am at fault
You are at fault

Change they say
In life constant

But remember
It begins from within

What policy
Have we imbibed

Before we can effect
The change at heart

I had to check myself
Take my corrections

Before I could
Lay out the blames.

Written by Neematdiary & Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

6. Title 6.

The grass is greener
At the otherside
But do you know
The maintainace it has?
Let us make a great Nation
Don’t feel blessed
For amenities done
It is our right, a must do.

No leader took money
From his father’s pocket
To do us good,
Whatever spent
Is our sweat
Don’t be fooled
By picture advert,
Of what importance?

Don’t be fooled
By age or position,
Don’t let your argument,
Argues vaguely
And irrelevantly,
Cover your sense of reasoning
Be productive, be loyal to you
And your surroundings

Be an achiever of good deeds
While at that, love your folks
As you love yourself
And lets see if a leader
Who knows not his right
Can persuade you to wrong
Because he believes
You to be a fool you are not.

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Be Everything

You can’t be everyone
But make sure you are everything
Be your unlimited edition

Be brave and fearless like the honeybager
Be fast and smart like the cheeter
Be strong and bold like the lion
Do not announce your move, ask the tortoise

Be calmly strong like the hippo
Be a pain in the ass to your unbelievers like the cobra
Be a rat to disturb them
Be the cat, your sound scares them
Your appearance chase them all

Be the shark that smells coming trouble( human blood- wickedness)
Be the croc ready to diguise
To win them all
Be a sloth, slow and steady wins the race
Be a dove; gentle, calm and nice

Tell it as it is like the parrot
Bring family and loved ones together
just like the meercat
A wild dog never give up
Be the patient vulture
Not the devouring vulture

Be the fearless racing bull
Never relent to fight back
like the Skunk
Be the different specie of birds
Stay aloof and make difference
Regardless your size

I cannot name all

Don’t just fight, fight like a mum, caring for her young lad, fight to losse nothing

And above all, be the elephants who are natural winners.

Be everything.


My Memories

Our hearts beats
Way too fast for
Our hearts desire
We really admire

We longed for a day
Therewith it came a night
Made memorable
With my naked seeds

I had a quiet moan
With my soft voice
That kept you drilling
Deeper for more of me

I hope you remember the first…

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I see hearts filled with love
Not only walking in Isle in gown and suits
But an inner bliss of a soulmate
Singing “that i’ve got you”

Your sweet charming beauty
Though beyond facial looks
Tells so much of fruitful years
To come , in abundance to share

Patience took over you in search
For compatibility, for richer rich
How beautiful it is now that you have
Such meal to serve…

This meal called love you have
Is a beautiful thing you know
And happiness is found
When the mind is rest assured

Now you walk an assured journey
A journey of happily ever after
To procreate and multiply
I know you shall make a good parent

The wind may blow figs but be a wing
Stay strong if  for no other thing
But for the love you fell for
Welcome to the league to crave for

Happy Married Life!


Edited by        Poems by VinX