Beyond my determination is the will to keep moving
Beyond my determination is the will never to stop
Beyond my determination is to overcome the obstacles
Beyond my determination is what i have to achieve
Why i started all that matters not what is holding me back
The road to success is rough, very rough and tough
I will sweat, suffer and will be at the point of giving up
The tunnel is very dark, darker than ever imagined
But my determination will make me see the light at the end of the tunnel
The road to success is filled with sinister, whirlwind, dark cloud,
But i will see the rain through perseverance, after the rain comes sunshine
Giving up is not an option beyond my determination
Because winners are willing to do what losers cannot.
Be Determined.

Questions To Life And Death


Isn’t life good enough to stay?
Isn’t life a wonderful place to be?
Isn’t life meant to be life itself?
Isn’t life meant to be lively?

The power of life is shortened
Why can’t it question death?
Life is meant to be lived
But only the lucky ones make it to the end

We’d struggle to make the best
Out of life that has no end
Our strength, wearing out
Our lives looking so lifeless

Life can be sweet
And all of a sudden, turns sour
Life is a trial
Life is a test

Why should we face the test of time?
Why should we be tested on fate?
After we call life a teacher
Why don’t we graduate from it’s school?

Ain’t we tired of questioning death?
Ain’t we tired of asking where it’s from?
Ain’t we tired of telling him not to be proud?
Yet! we can’t just face death!

Of what pride does death have?
When It takes a branch
That can grow back
The root is never washed off.

The picture is a definition of life, as the branches are cut short or off, it’s capable of growing back as long as it’s root is still there…it can be seen as different flowers springing up at the stem, that’s how life is, along as there is life, more babies are born…

Photo by Paul Militaru



The tiny stroke
So small
surrounded by it’s home
of beard and freshness

Of no us it looks
Bended head to knee
Laziness: name, given
To the tiny stroke

Opadokun, the brave
Sneaks silently,
Blindly looking
Yet could see clearly in the dark

The shooter yet doesn’t kill
Sharp a sharper it is
When it’s root
Is rooted for

Opadokun! The stroke
That strikes countlessly
When seen with it’s hole
Yet, we imagined it’s useless

A stroke men take strength to have
Nurtured to grow, Heavenly strong
Prepares to fight, yet no war
Opadokun! the mighty one

It strikes liquid in millions
To settle for a whole
“Opa” it is called
And later become “okun”

Opadokun births souls
When shot rightly and wisely
Opadokun is a mate of it’s kind
Some compete for best

Opadokun the great
it’s eulogy has no end
Yet, we still eulogies it
You should see opadokun

Opadokun is to be seen
By those of age
It’s to be used
But not misuse

Beware! Opadokun the great!
Take heed to be good
Your strike that rings sweetnesses
Could lead to sorrow

Opadokun!the mighty tree
Without branches
But creates it
Hanging outside the tree

Opadokun! Opadokun!! Opadokun!!!
More is to be told


Photo Credit: Paul Militaru

Dear Lover Boy


I know your love
Is so fresh
Like the morning dew
New baby, saint, no sin

Your heart, so clean
And clear
Like the sky
Not see through

Your warmth
Melts souls
With words
Spoken directly

Directly to the heart
Of your lover
I know you love more
Than you’re loved

I know you walk
On the moon
When with your lover
Physically or day dreaming

How your love keeps
Coming fresh
Like it’s always your love
You’re too nice

I can imagine
The butterflies In you
feeling so much love
Despite being a grown ass man

I know
If you’re lucky
With love address
You will write letters

Letters to those
You know not
Just so love
Could rain on all

I wish I could tell
Tell so much of love
You have
For everyone

Now! Don’t shut it out
Give no trial but watch closely
May be your lover
Could have a second thought


Mentality Of Lagos Traffic


Lagos traffic can be seen in different DIMENSIONS, i mean, you just have to accept and work with it, in any angle it shows itself to you.

The deplorable state of Lagos roads, i must say, have somewhat affected some Lagosians physiologically , it is not only leading some to aging earlier than normal but also leading some  people too,  to early grave.

I must confess, to survive as a Lagosian, skills must not only be developed but also deployed with immediate effect, if not added to our resume, on how to maneuver, the Lagos traffic.

Traffic in Lagos differs, there is normal Lagos traffic, there is Lagos traffic of bad roads, there is Lagos traffic of bad road couple with when it has rained or raining cat and dog, there is Lagos traffic of bad road, raining cat and dog couple with you competing using the road with heavy duty trucks, and lastly, if the later happens on a Friday, i’ll advice you come along with your sleeping mat and duvet, for you will be passing the night on the road.

Where do i even start picking my claims, from the Apapa Oshodi Axis to and fro should be a no no for small vehicles, you might be glad that your are moving freely on the express, but from Second Rainbow, you will take a bow and have to look for where to park your vehicle. Of cos, it’s manageable as most busses ply one-way .

This seems to have no end, as the heavy duty trucks have way of making their journeys through various streets of Ajegunle leading to Tincan-Coconut axis, i must tell you, it’s somewhat deadly. For this alone has widened the mouth of the so called “area boys”, claimed “tout” on the streets they ply, they charge these truck drivers so much and they pay.

The festive season definitely added it’s sauce to the traffic in Lagos, do we talk about those leaving Lagos, traveling along Lagos Ibadan Express-Way? You should see the way i shake my head from left to right. It’s a hell on it’s own, when one have to go through that suicide mission called traffic all in the name of leaving Lagos, claiming to go rest and have fun in the “Village”, i hail. Also, those attending shows and events on the Island, the honorable Eko Atlantic and Eko convention, hmm hmm, *smile*, people must have fun regardless.

As travelers embarked on their journey out of Lagos, well, to an extent, it’s a plus to those of us that remain in Lagos, as we have a traffic free state and free movement anywhere, any time, and let’s not forget the holiday some companies have, which made workers not to rush to work as early as 5am.

Nonetheless, we should know the best way to have our prompts attended to  via the newly bike companies which can be ordered via apps and so, Uber/taxify ain’t bad, mind you, they are not the best option when important issues are to be attended to. Better still, we leave home earlier than normal. This is in the case of heavy traffic JAM

I rest here.


On Lagos Traffic.








If ones background matters in making it in life, I’d say I’ll remain the same, I won’t even know where I’ll be by now. .
I angrily slammed the door, sat on the tattered mattress to remove my chopped off shoes, honestly, it’s shameful wearing it, but I had no choice but to wear it with pride. The sound from the door really pound my head, “come in”!, I screamed. Took a deep breath upon seeing who my visitor was, “Baba Bee, yin ni, eka san sir’ (Baba Bee, it’s you, good afternoon sir). Ajara, why not start a business In the hood, and stop this your endless job hunting. In tears I replied “where do I start from? At this age , a first class and masters degree holder of Economics! Kini mofe se! (What will I do)”. Baba Bee, held me tight and wiped my tears. Don’t cry my daughter, you’ll be fine, just relax and think, I’m here for you. .

Baba Bee is my guardian, in fact, he’s my dad, my mum died after my birth and I was told my dad died during territory fight, which Baba Bee happen to be the head now, we stay in Abete(ghetto), I am the only graduate here, Baba Bee said he promised my parents he will train me outside their world. All the agbero(tout) in the hood showing respect to Baba Bee are my brothers and uncles, I’m their little sister. I share room with them, we are family. .
Jara, as Shon(Seun) calls me, meaning extra. Why are you in tears, I’ve told you not to bother yourself, let us work something out for you, this education is nothing forget it, I told him what Baba Bee said. ‘I thought of it too’ Shon said, “you make us tasty meals, why not set up a restaurant, location won’t be a problem”. I gave a deep breath, wiped my tears and said I’ll think about it. .
As Shon said, “Jara Tasty Home” came to reality, it was a dream come true, getting a location was never a problem, and to say I trained all the young boys and girls in the, hood, ghetto. They had a special kind of blood running through their veins I actually discovered, they worked endlessly and tirelessly without pay just to make the restaurant a reality. In fact, some of these lads came from a very wealthy home. Thanks to Baba Bee who used his influence getting me the entire building which was all documented in my name, Shon was with me all through for construction and our dream became reality. Our Tatsy home owned by the graduate Ghetto girl. .

“Owning that Big restaurant atA the ghetto entrance was not doing enough justice, i explained to Baba Bee, “some things needs to be put in place especially the road construction” This, we cannot do on our own. Baba Bee got few connections and also pulled few strings but all to know avail.
Thanks to the new government for looking at outside on road construction. Banji led a team for the construction of the road a street after ours, he’s been visiting the restaurant. I received a letter from Tata, my PA, he said the construction workers want us to supply them food, including those working at other places, it’s not a first project for us but this is quite huge, I approved upon receiving their pay. This we continued as we take catering orders too.
Banji knew so much about me, I got to know all of these when Shon took me on a blind date, and it happened to be Banji. It took me ages to accept him, I’ve never for once had a guy, I don’t even have that time, after lots of pestering from Shon, I accepted.
May be cos it is and he is my first, Banji is sweet like honey , sprinkling sugar icing on my taste of love, my imagination was of no doubt, he is sweet, God! I’m short of words to qualify him, I get in tears most times thinking about his love for me is so natural like fresh air. The feeling was like a baby grabbed by her mama or papa, he treats me like a baby. .
I visited Banji’s parent and I could tell I was never scared of my life like that, all my entire life, I’ve never seen wealth of that kind. My joy changed all of a sudden when his mom asked who my parents are, I won’t deny Baba Bee, for he made me who I am today, I told her and I could tell rejection in her face when he invited Banji inside, she never returned, I left without telling her goodbye, and that was the last time i set my eyes on Banji, my first and last seeing his mum…
If suicide was not a sin, I would have considered it, for the degrading and embarrassing moment I received from Banji’s mum, his dad was late, this made his mum in charge of everything and Banji remain the heir to all they have, he’s the only child. That Banji’s mum rejected our proposal was not my problem, that he married another lady a year later was definitely not my problem, but she came to cause havoc in the hood by arresting some of my brothers which led to serious riot that took Baba Bee’s life, was the most painful part. What have I done, it would have just been better telling me no to our marriage and that will be it, Baba Bee was all I have. Shon became an amputee, thank God I have him, he took over after Baba Bee’s death, it was not a good moment for me. .
I had to be strong for my people and everyone, It was a carnival when Shon arrived from the hospital, everyone was happy. Shon didn’t delay in getting things done. For a while emotionally, I couldn’t face heading the restaurant, thanks to Tata, my PA who was always in charge. .
“Jara”, Shon called, “you have to get back on your feet and move on with your life, face your business and keep your life running again”. I knew I had to, Banji’s mum really destabilize my business and made me loose lots of clients as she blocked several lines where i get contracts, we had to survive locally” i said. The moment Shon left, Tata, my PA arrived. “Aunt Ajara, can I have a word with you?” He said! “See you did not offend me oo, but your kind acts and good deeds towards us all really touched me, I want to go back to my parents and I’ll like you to take me home, I was shocked, cos it’s my prayer these kids find their way home, getting new staff might take a while but it’s worth it…


Within 4 months, I was able to speak with my staff and was also able to send 10 of them home, in fact, to me this was a journey of self discovery, I was able to send prodigal children back to their originated homes and families, as in children their parents already disown, i cried at every reunion. The shocking part was, I thought wealth was what Banji and his parents had, in fact, my staff’s parents had the most, this alone shed new light into my life and led me to greater heights. Tata remained with me still, I just can’t explain, I had to beg him to return to school and make his life more meaningful.
Ofcos, life was at its best after I discovered so much about my siblings I took back to their various homes, I made new families and Client and before I knew it, Jara Tatsy House became international, this was a great success at for me, and a greater success to our ghetto. Everything changed for good, nothing was left undone, school, good life and everything good was brought to the ghetto. Shon was happy about it.
I went for an event in Dubai, I was one of the speakers, it for 3 days, I was meant to leave for another in Abuja. To my surprise, I met Banji, my heart melted, someone I’d vowed never to speak to, we actually raced at each other, questioning ourselves. Banji has been waiting for me, after he has seen me speak. We had dinner together and chill out. I just can’t explain how we left aside our differences to roll. Then he popped the question of “why I’m not married yet”, it was like he set fire within me burning so bad i had to rage. I flare up to inform him of all his mum did and he left without a word. I left for my hotel room angrily.
We didn’t get to see each other again before i left for Abuja. After the conference in Abuja, i arrived the hood, no matter how tired or late i arrived, i make sure i see Shon before arriving my house.”Jara!” Shon called “You need to have a family of your own, you have helped raised several children in the hood, and you have touched lives, you need to be a complete woman, you need a man!”

“Since when did having a man in my life make me a complete woman?”

“Please tell me what’s not complete in me! Tell me!! I never wanted that heart breaker but you lured me, fine! I kinda like him, but he was at the verge of destroying my life, he destroyed the hood, his mum killed Baba Bee! Look! Look! Look! Loo Loo Loo! Take a good look at yourself, Shon! you are an amputee, thanks to Banji and his mum” i yelled in tears responding to Shon.
In tears i spoke softly, ” I’m sorry Shon i didn’t mean to talk to you that way, i’m just in pains and it remains a trauma i will forever remember.”

“It’s okay Jara, replied Shon, you need to rest we see tomorrow.
Life has been finding it’s way around me and i’ve been having it, fun and fine, business, my students and siblings, the hood is more civilized than we ever thought of now, so much has changed in less than five years.
“Aunty Ajara”, Tata called, “i have this parcel for you”, “from who?” I asked, his facial expression was blank, informing me he knows nothing. To my surprise, from Banji. I was going to rage again, but i controlled my temper, called Tata to ask who brought it, he said it’s a delivery service.
For the next six months, this actually continued. But i never for once made the mistake of giving Banji a call!
“Call! For what nah”! I responded Shon. “Actually! you’ll have to pardon me, i know you won’t beat me”, Shon said shyly, “but i can’t keep hiding, Banji has been visiting and he’s been pleading but i think you need to hear him out”. Shon! i screamed, he looked away. Next thing was Banji unveiling himself behind Shon’s cotton, coming out of Shon’s bedroom. I shouted! “Shon! How long has this been happening?”
After listening to Banji’s story few months after i finally allowed him access to my house, i couldn’t blame him much, but still mad at the fact that even if he couldn’t call, he should have at least send someone to look for me and explain everything, at least in a letter. How can Banji’s mum be that wicked! Cut off all Banji’s line of businesses and threatened to disown him if he doesn’t marry her friend’s daughter to business and friendship sake.
Hard girl, hard girl, I thought I was the strong tiger I call myself not until I woke up naive of what actually happened. I found myself on nothing when i woke up on Banji’s chest. It was a special morning to me, i haven’t felt this in years. He is my first and no other, i’ve never been so scared, trust me. His voice still soft as ever, you are meeting my mum again, he said. And this time baby, i gat you. I smiled in a silly way because, i myself, i’m not bothered.

“Ajara, oko mi, mabinu simi, dari jimi, igba aimo ni (Ajara my dear, please forgive me, i was naive then)”, pleaded Banji’s mum. I am ready to pay back all my deeds to you, in full and i mean it, please forgive me. Banji winked, there was this fulfilling smile on my face, i couldn’t hold as it come’s with tears.
“I didn’t tell you i divorced my wife, and i took custody of my two children, all these happened before we met, the rest is history baby”, Banji said. Banji introduced me to his children and i could tell how loving they are, they already knew who i was and were so glad to call me mummy.
It was a party at the Hood when Banji did a surprise proposal for me in front of everyone, it was indeed a happy beginning for me. How i wish Baba Bee was alive to witness it…


When They See Us


When they see us
They don’t see us
the aint blind at us
The won’t just see us

When they see us
They don’t want us
Not like they don’t want us
They act indifference to us

When they see us
We are in dire need
And they don’t see us
They won’t help us.


A write for #Sudan as we keep them in our prayers and hope they get the needed help

No One Nose Tomorrow



My eyes could see now
Not tomorrow
I could smell myself
Not others
I could hear
But deaf of the future
I felt the touch
But can’t feel the future

Isn’t life a Snitch
No one Nose Tomorrow
The Nose is a Snitch
Deep and long
Hold two openings
Yet fails us
Tomorrow we will always look
For no one is certain of it