We All Are Not The Same

The Picture From Twitter
Our society have us all together 
But differences makes us all
We share same colour and names
Lots of differences separates us

In dents and stains
She of us look
When name is called 
We all turn and then hand picked

It's no sin to be different
It's boring to be the same
Having a kind of flavor 
Makes one a top notch

We all are black
I'll chose to be black with a difference 
I chose diamonds
To Shine brighter than others in black

By Nimota Idera Dauda-Ajao
Inspired by the picture posted on twitter by the handler @AmEmediong

Transportation And Logistics: An Unknown Lucrative Business

Different Means Of Transportation

The business of transportation and logistics needs to be well understood, so one does not mix it’s meaning, both perform different functions, one needs the other to survive.

According to google “Transportation is the means of conveying someone or something from one form to another.” According to Britannica definition “transportation, the movement of goods and persons from place to place and the various means by which such movement is accomplished.” Transport comes in different types, trekking should also be considered, for there are those tat trek to locations, let’s say hawker, hawking good for sale to needed locations, driving a car, riding bicycle, using a motorbike, train ride, all of these are a type of land transportation, while water is by boat or ship or vessel, and by air: aeroplane.

A brief history shows that transportation began with trekking, to do business, some ha dot trek to transact, from a. city to another, horse ridding, wheel vehicle the progressed through the sea with log wood, but that is not our main focus. It is evident, with no doubt that human being have the urge and zeal to move from one place to anther. We always want to migrate and try out new places. when business comes in, we want to try our business with new people and new locations. Transportation has helped in a great deal, to help move people and good from a location to another, be it land, water or air.

Logistics on the other hand, according to good “the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers.” If all means of transportation have the job of moving around, there is an import aspect or let me say business that handles logistics, they mean different things. Logistics handles the, obtaining, procuring, packaging, sorting, distributing products to the customers. Though, it is conveyed by the transport industry, but without the logistics industry, monitoring and distributing to the right channel, transportation industry cannot do this job alone. Both industry needs each other to do a successful business.

It is safe to say transportation and logistics is the sorting, procuring, distributing and tracking of good while it is being transported through the right, reliable or fast channel to get to the main owner, the customer. Logistics plans while transportation implements.

The business of transportation and logistics is an unknown lucrative business. In fact, supply chain management is the step to leading logistics and transportation forward. The act of getting clients to sell or supply to, the act off procuring monitoring and the act of sending and getting the goods to the major owners in safe conditions, all of these is lucrative In all its ways.

A company that handles it all but runs it differently, tends to make it big In the transport and logistics industry. And, it is safe to say it is a business has gained ground and expanding for it has different branches.

by: Nimota Idera Dauda-Ajao

The Business of Transportation and Logistics and Supplychain

Article, Sport

Athletics: Game Changers

The world of sports has brought people together all over the world than our imagination, the winning of a team brings laughter to our hearts and faces regardless the country and tribe, we rejoice like we all are winners, the beauty and secrete is never told, no one knows the ingredients to the happiness, we all just celebrate.

It’s the gaming season, I must have been missing out as a lover of athletics to the number of games or events that are available for athletes all year round. It is miraculous how we celebrate a champion today in athletics and in the next event, not even a season, another one shows up.

As a Nigerian, I have watched my country winning lots of medals to not winning at all, I have watched the country being celebrate to not even being recognized, but trust me, I never gave up. I still believed in everything, it’s a game, there are other countries and athletes who are not my country men and women but who are athletes, hoping the someday, I will celebrate once again.

I became a celebrate of different athletes from different countries while I keep a watch on the upcoming ones from my country, Nigeria, I even watch out for Nigerians who do great wearing other country’s jersey. I was always happy for them while I shed tears of joy. Tokyo 2020 which was done in 2021 was a major turn around for athletes.

It became a miracle when we realized new breeds winning in the Olympics and other major events like Diamond League and World Athletics, countries still dominate but there are new breeds from other countries. It was almost a night mare when we realized USA men are no more in the lead but Canada and other countries, Jamaica now has female dominants. The world has been telling the “The Future Is Female” and we are seeing that in sports, in athletics, there are ore female dominate.

Now, let me mention and I stand to be corrected, Nigeria is coming up in the athletics, our track and field is no more slacking but filled with people that not only want to make the country proud but also themselves and their families. The Jamaicans are not looking back no more, I now see Uganda and Kenyan compete In 100m finals , athletics has changed, athletes are not scared no more, countries are not limiting their goals and chances, everyone now has a trial and winning goal, everyone literarily is an athlete at heart.

By: Nimota Idera Dauda-Ajao

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There Was A Time II

Photo by Anton Makarenko on Pexels.com

There was a time
When the world was indeed the world
When humans acted human
When sentiment was not attached

There was a time
When normal was not abnormal
When things were done rightly
When life was seen as it comes

There was a time
When right was respected
When legal was legal
When respect was actually respected

There was a time
When happiness comes from within
When colour does not matter
When glory was given to the glorious

There was a time
When good name was better than it all
When dignity was sought after
When shame was regarded as shame and not jest

There was a time
When there were times
When we regarded time
When we really respected time.

Poem Response by Nimota Dauda-Ajao

Originally written by: Ridwan Akinwunmi Ajagbe of @sophocleshome.wordpress.com


Movie Review

Movie Review: Blood Sisters

A Netflix original limited series produced by EbonyLife founded by Mo Abudu

The Movie Cover


The power of a woman cannot be underestimated especially when in charge of a vital role that has her life involved, this movie show cases the commitment and tenacity of women, the love and support they share, their struggles and how they won their battle along side those who believe in and trusted them. It show cases the use of power in different life aspects, humans with different perspectives or approach to life or situations, truth and life itself as a whole meal one cannot finish but leave behind.

Blood sisters tells the story of two childhood friends turned sister as mentioned in the movie, who watch out for each other in all aspects and all forms. Kemi Sanya (Nancy Isime) and Sarah Duru(Ini Dima Okojie) were involved in a life changing event on the day of Sarah’s wedding engagement ceremony. Sarah was engaged to Kola Ademola(Deyemi Okanlawon), the head of the family’s business. A pharmaceutical business owned by the Ademola’s family. He dictates it all for the company, his family and also his relationship. He is an abuser, who humiliates the women in his life with the support of his mother who believes every woman wants him for his money.

Sarah Duru is engaged to Kola, despite the abuse, she was going ahead with the wedding despite the red flags from the relationship and the warning from her friend, Kemi. Few minutes to the engagement, Kemi persuaded Sarah to call off the wedding, in an attempt to discuss with Kola, he resort to abusing her again which led him to strangling Sarah, out of defence, Kemi, in the quest of saving her friend’s life, shot Kola with a gun. This is where the main saga begins. This made the sister be on the run for their lives for they know what could become of them from the hands of the Ademolas, especially their mother, haven killed their Golden son. They fled for their lives as all was put to risk to keep themselves from been apprehended while the chase never stops

Blood Sisters is a limited series of four Episode with different opening and joined story lines. It is filled with lots of suspense and brutal scenes.

  1. It’s a Bloody Affair
Engagement Day

Kola was murdered out of defence In this scene and was buried in a shallow grave, by Kemi and Sarah . The two sisters couldn’t tell but hide the secret within themselves while trying to go ahead with the wedding.

As it was noticed that Kola was missing, his friend was ask to make the announcement of his missing friend, Kola. Like Uduak said, “someone has to make the announcement.” She was indeed not happy with the wedding coming. The party was then dissolved.

The first episode tells the story of Kola’s Older brother Femi, who wants to have him dead out of jealousy of him running the company, with the help of his wife, an assassin was hired to kill him which was unsuccessful.

2. Run Sisters Run

Deliberation on how to abscond

The two sisters had to run for their dear lives. The police investigation had a case, when Kola’s body was found In a grave. The sisters ran out of their home for slum in the quest to leave the country, all thanks to Kenny( Ibrahim Suleiman) who was Sarah’s lover. It was glaring in this episode how Femi(Gabriel Afolayan), Kola’s elder brother and his wife, Olayinka (Bankole Kehinde), always wanted the role of Kola to be theirs. Though they had a failed mission to assassinate Kola in Episode 1, but they are glad, he is no more, this is out of jealousy. Timeyin(Genevova Umeh), who was their mother’s last child became a threat to them, she was forced to a strict rehab

3. The Hunt

Inspector Joe informing Akin what he is not aware of

The search for Sarah and Kemi continues as more secrets are unraveled about the Ademola’s family. They, Sarah and Kemi were faced with lots of escape challenged and almost lost their lives along the line. Kemi confessed to Akin (Daniel Etim Effiong), Kola’s best friend, who barley know much about his friend. And in this episode, Akin realized the kind of beings his friend was

4. The Catch

Timeyin, the show stopper of her mother’s show

The gathered puzzles were put together to solve different problems, both from the Ademolas’ and the sisters hunted for. Timeyin, the last child of the Ademolas unravelled the secrete of their mum, she put an end to the show her mother has been running for years.



The meaning of love should not be over emphasized. Love should not be limited to a side, it should be shared and expressed to all. The love between Sarah and Kemi is beyond friendship which makes them blood sisters. Kenny’s love for Sarah made him lay his life in trying to save her for he was there for her in all hustles. I call the Love Upside down(lust), Abasiama expressing his love to Kola even after lots of battering, sexual and domestic abuse before marriage. The love between Yinka and Femi is unexplainable, they both could kill just for their bod to remain as they want it.


Timeyin has always had the betrayal of her mother, Mrs Uduak, who even said to her face that she is disgrace to her while she was trying to confide in her. Akin felt betrayed by not knowing who truly his friend is. It is no news that the force betrays the citizen they serve. They’d refuse to carry out their duty but rather play politics to power on what the authority informs them to do even at the expense of the life of the innocent. Akin felt betrayed by his friend, he never truly know who he was till his death.

Standing For Truth

Inspector Slo Jo Obasanjo( Wale Ojo) was the saviour of the movie who saved the blood sisters. He realized the truth and taped out lots of investigation even at the expense of his job online. Akin made it known to Officer Slo Jo that Kola was an abuser, after peaking with his ex girlfriends and visiting his secrete room.


The sister Sarah and Kemi has so much and believe in each other to have stayed strong and stayed true to themselves trhough hurdles they went through

Power Politics

Power was played, used and abused in the Ademola’s family especially. Mother Uduak was the ruler and controller while she made her golden son, Kola the frontline before his untimely death. She was justice carried out by herself without investigating the true matter. And the Police in charge of the case, who already had their pockets filled except inspector Jo, carrying out a hunt of criminals only for justice to be carried out by and individual and not through the court. This is REAL POWER ON DISPLAY

Sex and Romance And Sensual

The older Ademola, Femi, and his wife played a major role in this theme, they bond through roman and sex is far beyond imagination. Sex becomes their meal and drink to balance their diet. No matter the burning fire and going on trouble, sex and sexuality is the solution to their problem. Yinka, Femi’s wife always had the remote and available G-Spot for Femi to get him down to erotic romance. They became irresistible and inseparable. Their bond is beyond explanation.

Stockholm Syndrom

“Stockholm syndrome is a psychological condition that occurs when a victim of abuse identifies and attaches, or bonds, positively with their abuser” read more on :


Abasiama is the topic is Stockholm Syndrome in this movie, despite the abuse she receives from Kola, she still pleads and cries to stay and marry her instead of Sarah. She believes she’s attached to Kola and wants to remain with him despite the toture she goes through, despite she knows how demonic he is and the kind of mother he has.

Cheat and Jealousy

Mrs Uduak cheated on her husband, Mr. Ademola even though he was realized in the movie, picture wise. That’s to Timeyin the show stopper who leaked her mother’s secrete and led us all into her real world and life. It was gathered that Mrs Uduak was jealous of her husband, she claimed she made her husband, Mr Ademola to become successful in Life, but she was not recognized for it. This made her not love the children she bore for him. She then cheated on him which resulted to Kola being born. She loved Kola more than her other children, Femi and Timeyin. Mr. Ademola upon realizing this, Mrs Uduak had to cover for by killing him. Timeyin knew this and kept it a secret.

We could tell the jealousy of Femi on his younger brother, Kola, he always wanted his position. This jealousy made him hired an assassin to kill him on his engagement day, though it was not successful. He always wanted his brother of line so he could step in as the King of the Ademola’s family business.

Failed Parenting

Timeyin kept her mum’s secrete for years, though she knows her mum shares no love or bond for her, this made her go into drugs. She resulted into drug abuse and she was abused for this when Femi and his wife wanted her out of the way so they could get what they wanted of the family’s business. She confined in her mum but she did not listen to her rather took her to a strict rehab where she’s never listened to.


The Photographer and Kemi

This theme has to be the shortest in the movie, I mean, funny but a serious issue. Sarah and Kemi were both blackmailed by the photographer while taking out the remains of Kola Ademola, while in the parking lot. The Photographer requested a ransom for the pictures he took, but his greed led him to his untimely death.I mean, may be intentionally done or not, the sisters needed their lives to be saved a their names to be cleared.

Mother Uduak

The Majestic Mother Uduak

I decided to make her a theme, she played a major role in the movie. who would ever think of why she never liked her other children? Who ever thought Kola was a bastard of the Ademola’s but born by Mrs Uduak? who could ever think she had a relationship outside her marriage? She’s got a lot and lot going on and her children took after her, even though she never liked it. She had her replica killed, other replica didn’t matter. She knew hope devilish her son, Kola, was, yet she believed in him and wanted to remain forever.

The Power Of A Woman

I emphasized this in the beginning of my writing, it is as good as this movie portrays the life of women, their struggles, their mistakes, their problems, if they took lessons from it, if they survived it. Let us start with the abuse of Sarah by Kola and how Kemi talked her into taking a stand. To how Sarah’s mum wanted her to go ahead with the marriage despite the suffering of her daughter because of money, then she realized her mistakes when it was late and commended her daughter to be strong. Kemi, helping her friend get out of abuse by self defence and staying by her till the end. Yinka, giving her husband the “Sexual and Sensual” courage to take on the family no matter what. Timeyin, the show stopper, she lit and put out fire, she killed it all at the end, this and many more shows the power of a woman in all life aspects. it cannot be diminished.


The truth, is there ever a kind of friendship like that Kemi and Sarah? Friendship of till death do us path, even marriages nowadays don’t like that long especially in that kind of trouble. And the course of Kemi cannot be defined, one would thing she wants to give up on her friend and in the next second, she’s looking out for her safety while she herself, Kemi, is in a greater trouble.

I could go on and on in writing more about this movie: Blood Sister, the movie is just perfect the way it is, I have no conclusion it goes on and on like it should never end. All the cast pulled their acts perfectly fine and well, even UncleB (Ramsey Noah) who barely speak much in the movie, had a great show in the movie. nothing is bad, nothing in nothing in the movie. This is also one and part of the great coming New Nollywood.

Kudos to the crew, all pulled great act in putting it all together, it comes with great suspense and pure story, that is true t watching and hearing. And the wardrobe is more that expectation, especially Mother Udauk. She looks like she was always going to the RED CARPET in every outfit. This is a completed work that has put Nollywood to the top of its game.

Movie Review by: Nimota Idera Dauda-Ajao of neematdiary

Thanks for Reading.

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A Request

Dear God, I know not what to say, but I’ll say thank You. Thank you for everything. Everything You’ve done for me, I give thanks. You are the decider, I do not know what to do. I am here and here again. Should I keep going, stay where I am or move backwards. Or should I just change my location forever?

I’ve worked and played, I have cried and wiped my tears, I have been angry and calm, I have been sad and happy, I have friends and foes, I have lovers and haters. I have given and taken and I do it all and all. I have no one to face, I have no one to look at or onto and I have no one’s shoulder to lean on. Here I am at Your feet asking for a burp.

What more can I ask, what more do I need, what more can i ever want, what else do I want to become. I can only strive to be a better me. I can only want and want more for myself, but I know that You alone knows my need.

Dear God, my tears spread my pen ink to liquid, it could not form to write the letters. I am not in pains, but I am In need, my heart is heavy, Only You I can pour it to. No man is a helper except the one You sent.

My body is weak but I give my soul to You to keep strong. My mouth Is shut but I could tell it to You my issues. My eyes won’t stop bleeding tears, it’s uncontrolled, You alone I tried to tell it all to.

The betrayal I have received from men has widened my eyes and here I am, In tear of pains and sorrow, seeking Your face in all that concerns me, as I ask You take control of it all. Dear God, I thank You for making me go through this phase and still could crawl back to You. Dear God, even the letter I have not written, You have read it. You know my right time, grant me patience to pull through.

Letter To God by Nimota Idera Dauda-Ajao


Our Land

Photo by Saliha on Pexels.com

The Land 
Where with is tilted
A fertile land 
With no blemish

The soil to cultivate
To farm, and it yields
Fruits worthy 
Worthy enough to germinate

The earth is blessed 
With fertile lands 
There fro us to choose 
To plant crops of a kind

How we choose our land 
Matters to the fruit 
we intend to have 
And cultivate

The earth is the soul
The soul we have chosen 
Chosen as our fertile land 
Land to tilt

The earth is her

The Tears Not Shed

A wasted life
Like a wasted effort
Wishful thought
Like a refreshed life

A life of regret
Leaving the fingers
Hanging in the middle of the teeth
Crying bitterly, without tears

A sorrowful thought
Running through a shallow mind
A mind that yields not 
To severe warnings 

A mind of anger
Raging like thunder
Dangerously sparkling 
Of perilous lightning 

Like the atmosphere of war
About to the wage the community

 A life filled with humiliation
Upon affected emotion
yet, no solution
That knows no morrow

A rejected and dejected life
Whether it will be met or not
A mind flogging its life
Yet, consoling itself

A mind pondering of what's left of it's life
A mind never to give up on its life
A mind hopeful of life again.
Islam, Religion

Ramadan Session: Compassion

Compassion in a simple definition is treating people the way you want to be teated. Compassion can be defined a the act of sympathetic pity and concern for the suffering of others or misfortune of others.

A compassionate person is a good listener who renders shoulder to lean or cry on. Such person show act of kindness without thinking of anything, and can be so good and kind to a total stranger.

How compassionate are you, is it a show off? are you expecting a thank you or glorification in return? are you expecting a reward afterwards.

Quran 1:1-3 speaks it all

In the Name of Allah—the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

All praise is for Allah—Lord of all worlds,

the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,

God is the most Compassionate, the most Merciful. He gives to whom He will and guides whom He wants without looking back and seeks nothing except praise and thanks.

Compassion is mentioned in all of the chapters of the Quran, for every beginning, we mentioned compassion. This alone is a lesson to be compassionate to not only ourselves but to the people around us.

How many verses are we going to quote from the Quran without Saying “Bismilahi Rahaman Raheem” except the one that was one that was angrily delivered.

Quran 55: says it all. Quran 55: 1-4

The Most Beneficent (Allah)!
Has taught (you mankind) the Qur'an (by His Mercy).
 He created man.
He taught him eloquent speech.

Quran 55:13
Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?

Being compassionate is the best thing we can do to ourselves and give to our fellow being. Here are the good things in being compassionate

.  It takes away stress
.  One is never sad when showing act of kindness. A compassionate person stays happy 
.  The heart of a compassionate person is always at peace with Allah
.  Hatred is never in one's thought when one is compassionate
.  People are appreciated and one appreciates oneself 
. A compassionate person is harmless. As in, there is no arm in doing good

This and many more.
May Almighty Allah make us pious and accept All our deeds.

Life In-Between

photo by Tolani Alli. https://tolanialli.com/index.php

Religion is not war
Religion is not human difference
It teaches love and humanity

Dear son, 
Riches and gold I cannot give
But I can teach you life lessons
Lessons you can pass on to you own generations
I can take you to places
Places to see people

I can point to you who I know
I can point to you what I know
But I may not 
Be able to make you talk to them

Dear son,
The position of that man, today
Is not forbidden to anyone
You can get there too.
A lot is required,
A lot, I myself cannot explain

The man in the vehicle 
Guided by lots of security 
Is born of man
Created by the same God we serve

All I can say is 
Thread gently
Think wisely
Be calm and kind

Stay true to yourself
Be good to people no matter what
Be obedient even if no one sees you
Have a clean heart

Dear son,
I cannot say it all
But I want this day to remain in you
I want you to remember this day
And many days yet to come, 
we will have lots of memories
For you to learn life lessons.

Poem by Nimota Idera Dauda-Ajao
Photo by Tolani Alli