Movie Review: Man Of God

Movie by Bolanle Austen-Peters:

Man Of God the movie tells the story of a young man who ran away from his harsh religious upbringing. He was caught up with the worldly lifestyle he enjoyed, leaving behind his family’s religious lifestyle. He rose to be deep rooted in his worldly life, performing music like late Fela Kuti.

Samuel played by (Akah Nnani), was caught up in the love triangle of three women, Rekya(Dorcas Shola Fapson), his girl whom they both own the band and sing together, Teju (Osas Ighodaro), his family friend who was always there for him, through education and other ways in life while Joy(Atlanta Bridget Johnson), who was Teju’s friend, became the love of his life, who is a spiritual girl he fell in love with unconditionally.

Though Samuel left home like the prodigal son, without giving it a re-think to go back, his mother was always writing him to come back home, while his father never left his thought. His quest to be deep rooted in worldly religion never left him. He always wanted more as he keeps seeking more.

The disappearance of Joy and Rekya in his life, made him pave way for Teju, who also loved him. They grew together while he performed in the church. There is this saying “you can only take a man away from the street, you cannot the the street away from a man”. Teju in her quest to keep Samuel to himself had to put up with all of his excesses, managing his ways and pretending to be spiritual. She has helped covered up a lot for him. She desired worldly life as well, but in a spiritual way, however it comes, she just want it.

Rekya appeared years later. Rekya was a hustler who made money through anything illegal , she talked Samuel Into way of setting up church for worldly reason, all aim is to make money. Samuel succumb to her advice and there was a birth of “The Viyard of Love Church”. Samuel earlier had lots of scandals in his former church, all was not forgotten, as there was death involved.

Rekya remained Samuel’s concubine, while both deal in illegal business using the church as a cover up. Joy showed up married but no longer attached Samuel, although Samuel wanted her backache was not ready to cheat on her husband. Samuel kept up with his life like a two-sided coin, till he met his Waterloo with Rekya.



Samuel portrays the prodigal son in the holy book. He left his beautiful home for the riches of the world, and then after he has squandered it all, he wondered through life suffering, he decided to come back home to his father who welcomed his long lost son.

The Church

The church has two imagery in the movie, the good and the bad. Samuel set up his church claiming he has a calling which was not while his dad has a true faith, serving God wisely in his church.


True Religion is of truth and purity, accepting God and believing in Him, not having to follow the worldly lifestyle while being a man of God. Samuel portray religion as an escape to his bad ways by using it to cover up for his bad ways with the help of his girlfriend, Rekya, who uses church as their cover up means to their illegal businesses. Religion is serving and worshiping God, it becomes worldly when people decide to serve the Man of God instead of God Himself. No caution from the Man of God for he himself enjoys or is carried away with the self acclaimed saviour he his called


Good music gives positive message to people, shares an understanding of the society and believe. It binds people together with mutual love and goals, without spreading conflicts. Music is portrayed in two ways in this movie: First: worldly gathering, as seen by the religious mindset, where Samuel portrays himself as “Abami” performing like late Fela Kuti who uses his songs to send message to the society tackling fake religious people and bad politicians. Samuel did this due to his upbringing. Secondly, gospel music, Teju made Samuel take up the job as a church artist, so he can preach the gospel through his music but was not achieved. Music can be performed anywhere so far a good message is being passed.


Love for Human

There is a love triangle in this movie between Samuel and the three women in his life. But Samuel was deeply involve with one of the, Joy. Joy loved Samuel as well but the inability to pit up with his way made her move on in life the moment he was out of her picture. Rekya’s love for Samuel was on a edge of achievement, it was an open heart to what they both stand to gain while she let him have other women into his life. Teju on the other side was ready to love Samuel even though he is a bad influence to her spiritual life, she still had to cover him up to he almost lead her to her loom, then she turned the table around. Samuel’s mother on the other hand, had unconditional motherly love for Samuel, she had Samuel in her heart all her life while he was on exile and later died of a broken heart.

Love For God

Love for God has projected in this movie can be viewed I different ways. Samuel’s father, Prophet Josiah Obalolu, truly served God for the love he has for Him not for worldly achievement but his son Samuel King on the other hand sees serving God as a way of setting up a church for business. Though Samuel was brought up in the ways of the Lord, which seems harsh to him due to his ways when he was young, he could not define his love for God. He was the prodigal son.


The theme of acceptance can be seen in different aspect in this movie. Rekya was the girl in the life of Samuel, but she accepted he could date other women despite their relationship. It was said by Rekya to Samuel “Just give am strong thing for one corner, she go free you” referring to Teju. Teju on the other hand doesn’t not want to accept the fact that Samuel doesn’t to belong to her, which is the reason why she had to unnecessarily put up with his excesses to the point of marriage.

Lies and Deceit

Samuel was not true to himself as he juggles his life religiously in deceit while living a bad portrayed life in secrete. He uses the church as a business entity and also to womanize, embezzling funds and doing illegal businesses. He lied to his wife Teju, he cheated on her with Rekya and other church ladies. This shows that he never loved Teju, he just needed to be with someone. He also wanted to Have Joy, but Joy stayed true to her faith and husband by not cheating on him.

Spirituality/God Calling

The theme of spirituality can be seen in Joy, who was a true minister of God and not for the fame or money to be made from ministering. Samuel lied that he had a calling which is a wrong and not spirituality. Teju’s spirituality is shaky, one could barely tell, if it’s true as she covers up a lot of misery for her husband, Samuel, until she got fed up due to the fact that she was left out in his new plan to life


The movie “MAN OF GOD” by Bolanle Austen-Peters is a great movie of all time, she portrayed the typical Nigerian religious society using Christianity. Christianity preaches love and kindness not harshness as Samuel as seen it. It take a true calling to be a minister not just waking up to become a pastor. Owning a church should not be a money making entity, not a gathering to run illegal business.A gathering to worship God and not worship the man of God. It is sad to witness what is happening in our society religiously today, men of God allowing people worship them in place of God, it happens in all religion, except the true ones.

My thought, my speculations: So, if Samuel was lucky enough to have married Joy, he might not have turned out to be who he later became. She might make him see through to a true ministering, love builds respect and there might be enough respect for Joy, he might not cheat on her. Joy would never have covered up all his bad acts, Joy would have made him visit his parents, may be his mother would not have died or would have died happily and not heart broken. Joy would have known if he truly had a calling. Joy was a true worshiper of God and not man

Teju made Samuel who he became. She truly loved him but may be he is not the right man for her to marry, or she Is not the right woman for him to marry. She became the demon who painted Samuel white even when he was black, and the moment she realized he was leaving her out of the picture, she resort to destroy his life drastically.

Truly, I called her the demon, i will also call her the angel who made him pay for all his ways of the past and made him find his way back home. He paid it all in full, and I know their part will never cross, even if it does, they are totally different people and the prodigal son already returned to his father’s house, the true man of God.

Rekya is an orphan, a goal getter who can resort to anything whatsoever to fetch her lots of money. she could do anything, just to be rich and be on top of the world, just for the world sake. Salvation is nothing to her.

Joy, true woman of God, with the heart of gold meant for Samuel, but fate never let them be. God has a way of planning things beyond our understanding, ways in which we ourselves could not explain. So is the case of Joy, though Samuel has tempting riches and affluence, Joy never let herself get carried away with it by still professing love for her husband. Joy is the true hero.

Movie Review by Nimota Dauda-Ajao. A movie by Bolanle Austen-Peters

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