Unexpected Irony – Shameful Act 3

My name is Afolabi, you should not be surprised I’ll be called Afo by my friends, I’m cool and free living, I’m a one lady man, but it’s not written on my face. The handsomeness is killing, I know but I chose to keep myself clean in any bad act.

“How can a guy this endowed settle sow low for that brat, what has she got to offer, I’ve tried every possible best to get Afo, but I think he’s charmed”, lamented Lizzy, Afolabi’s classmate, “no man has ever resisted my body, this time I’ll get him” Lizzy soliloquizing.

Lizzy is one of the “big girls” in class, she’s not the regular but the spectacular, she’s always at the top of every game, she wins always. Need not be surprised if she comes out with the best result without attending lecture or other curricular activities, Lizzy has the key to every door.

Reverse was the case in the act of chasing Afo, she didn’t expect what she got. It was not hard for her to get a spare to Afo’s house, but she met her Waterloo.

Tami surprisingly came in that night, met them both on the bed, I’ve never seen a scared man like Afo, upon seeing Tami’s face, you won’t believe he pee on his pant, but Afo saw the unexpected. Tami said nothing to him, but faces Lizzy.

Tami gave Lizzy the worst beating of her life, every slap came with a story of the bonding between Tami and Afo, same goes for Lizzy who confessed in return. Afo, as happy as he is, packed everything that belonged to Lizzy, with the help of Tami, sent her out of the house. To make matters worse, she was still nude 🤦🏼‍♀️

Tami had trust issues with her man but still protected him. How ironical, as powerful as Lizzy is, she’s physically unfit to fight Tami back. 😁

Thanks for reading, Neemat cares 💋

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