The Shameful Act 2

On my way home, I received a call with no caller ID, was curious and heard nothing upon receiving it, I was worried, but waved it, just rushed to Shawarma&co to get myself one and pick up a medium cup ice cream from coldstone outlet.

Got home, unlock to let myself in, dropped my snack on the table to lock my gate since I’m expecting no one and no where to go. Had my meal to my satisfaction, Tami called, she was already home, we spoke and as usual, begin our romantic discussion, it was different this time cos it turned me on. I immediately alert her, kissed her goodnight and ended the call.

Then I heard sound from the bathroom to the room, I jumped out of the couch. Checked the bathroom, saw nothing, went straight to the room, to my surprise, I saw roses on the bed, decorated, room surrounded with sainted candles by qcandlesbypicturesque, a bottle of Andre with two glasses, I was shocked. Did Tami trick me, it’s not my birthday, so I shouted “TAMI DARLING, THANKS FOR TURNING ME ON, NOW SHOW UP BEFORE I FIND YOU”

She hugged me from behind, I was on my boxers already, It was my best night already, felt her nakedness, I don’t even know where to start from. I screamed my mothers name, I backed her to bed straight up. Turning back to kiss and caress her, I almost fainted, it’s not my Tami, it’s Lizzy! My classmate, God! She was nude, I’m on boxers, erect already and to top it all…What I heard next was, baby I’m home, surprise, Tami came in to see the shameful act I found myself. How do I explain I’m innocent…😩😰

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