Omoboriowo knew the importance of her name but let the love the money changed it for her

Her folks wanted the love of child than that of money, they gave her all she wanted, thought they are not famously rich, but very okay to an extent, what more does a child wants than being fed, clothed then with good shelter.

She was lured into the affluent life realizing the beauty of wealth, fame and power. She wasted no time forgetting anything good doesn’t come easy, whatever comes easy doesn’t last

She lived in this wealth using one and only thing she has, she threw it away and gave it to the topmost class who could afford it. Yeah they received it at a cost, they paid her but each and everyone leaving a stigma in her life. She has forgotten that (TI IDI BA BAJE, TI ONIDI LOMADA)

“It would have been better if I’m treating HIV positive”, said Omoboriowo in deep tears, what do I call this ailment? She said rhetorically, how sad and depressed she is.

Omoboriowo still owns the wealth she gathered but of no use now, she has gone far and wide but no cure, she walks, legs widely spread, in pain and sorrow, she sometimes wish for death 😒

Omoboriowo said “I neglected the meaning of my name for Owoboriomo, now, i wish I could exchange the riches to regain my name again”.

Her story is not new to us, but a reminder

Thanks for reading, Neemat cares 💋

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