The Shameful Act

Tami is also the best being that has happened to me aside knowing my parents, she’s my found missing rid who I couldn’t resist, words cannot explain how I feel knowing and loving her, she is the best, she is a doting angel.

I know how handsome I am, Tami is so proud to have me like I am to her, but there is a but, she has trust issues with me, how do I explain myself, this breaks my heart and sometimes stoop so low to questioning my Maker for making this handsome.

On this faithful day, saw Tami off to the park, she was leaving for her Ibadan to visit her parents, we both school in Ife, she needed to see them. She gave me the warning of my life and since I have no skeletons in my cupboard, I kept smiling and pecking her.

Got home that evening to see the shock of my life which led to the worst that unraveled an unexplainable situation…

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