Lessons from Surat’l Yusuf


Be watchful who you share your thoughts with

All lizards craw on their bellies

No one knows the one having stomach ache

              Watch for the people
 whose eyes light up
when you talk about your dream.
               those are the people you keep
                 Elizabeth Gilbert


You can only be yourself but the good and your best self

By staying positive and wishing others well

By not aiming at the downfall of others

                                 We rise
                                       By lifting others

Be mindful of this DEEP THOUGHT

The ones you love will always listen to you

But be mindful of what you tell them.

Not everyone will make it in life

But be beautiful in you own way

Regardless of your situation

Avoid jealousy

Don’t be too hard on yourself
Make your dreams count

Our Opinion in life matters to our being

Lets decide well and listen to Elder’s decision

It could be helpful


I have once read a book titled “Tough Times Never Last”

But i believe though people do

Stay though because what matters is

Why we started and where we are heading


Our blessings should only be counted

For thanks

Not for  pride


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