Beyond my determination is the will to keep moving
Beyond my determination is the will never to stop
Beyond my determination is to overcome the obstacles
Beyond my determination is what i have to achieve
Why i started all that matters not what is holding me back
The road to success is rough, very rough and tough
I will sweat, suffer and will be at the point of giving up
The tunnel is very dark, darker than ever imagined
But my determination will make me see the light at the end of the tunnel
The road to success is filled with sinister, whirlwind, dark cloud,
But i will see the rain through perseverance, after the rain comes sunshine
Giving up is not an option beyond my determination
Because winners are willing to do what losers cannot.
Be Determined.

About Neemat

Facing life as i see it and i hope i will express it positively. Neematdiary is not a copy of what you imagine as diary but a way of expressing myself through the faces of life. All you need might just be there
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4 Responses to Determination

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  2. Inspiring message. Sometimes baby steps in a positive FORWARD direction helps people find the motivation within themselves. Creating the right mindset is where it starts!

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  3. Very well written!
    I am starting a blog, my very own travel diary, go check it out 🙂

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