The Shoulder i Lean on

Thanks to the shoulder

the one that held the cloth

that kept it firm

from falling off

the one i stood by

i lean on


Thanks to the shoulder

the one i could always look up to

in terms of need

even when i’m not worth it

stood there for me


Thanks to the shoulder

thats got me regardless

that has my back

at any given time


Thanks to the shoulder

that held the neck

to keep me in shape

that won’t let me down


Thanks to those who are always there

for me all the times


Other Sides of The Coin

Fact is fact

nothing can be changed

Believe it or not

We have different view

my opinion is different from yours

this makes my perception different from yours


I’m seeing 9 you are seeing 6

i will prove my point

you will prove yours

but have you ever

ever have a deep thought

on the genesis, the root

of the situation itself?


We all have to check ourselves

one way or the other

we can never always be right

but lets call a spade a spade

lets say it as it is

for truth sake

for love sake

for God sake.

Not Always Enough

I felt left out, thinking i cannot be there, not believing i could be there, could not figure a way out

I was accused of being lazy, not hardworking, poor thought and unable to be productive

At first, i looked away, there i saw people ahead, realized them all moving, thought i should strive too

I then picked  a struggle, picked one to be appreciated, strived to the zenith, but didn’t get, was not appreciated

Became worried, worried on which way to go, which turn to take, who to turn to, none but the believing folks

Then put in my best, it was never good enough, kept moving on, going forward, but the perfection i wanted, i couldn’t find it

I have forgotten that i can only be me and not get the perfection, it hurts, cry rolls, fear engulf for not being good enough

Will i ever be appreciated, will i receive the accolade, will i be noticed for my best being?Then i though may be i’m not good enough, for my “unlikers”i can only do my best, my vey best and nothing more.

I’m in love


I fell in love

not for money

not for beauty

not for stardom


I fell in love

for God sake

for love sake

for heaven sake


I fell in love

to keep you in mind

to keep you in my dua

to keep you at heart


I fell in love

to have you as a friend

to have you as my companion

to keep with you

to walk with you


I fell in love

to forgive regardless

to overlook

to let go

to mend ways

not to part ways


I fell in love

to create more love

to give more and more love


I get loved, to have more love





My best self

Far away

I came all the way

To have it all

To get it all

To make it all


So many obstacles

I have conquered

I cannot stop now

I have to keep moving


Doing my best

Has always been my aim

Now i have to be the best

To make it to the end



Not because i am perfect

But because i am the best kind of me

Who can do it

Like me


Why i started matters a lot

Giving up is not an option

The end of the road matters to me

And the main reason why i started


I just have to make it to the top

Where i and no one

Ever imagined

I have to be the best

I have to conquer it all


I just have to be

To My Habeebat


When she thinks she’s not Seen

She is quiet but eloquent

she is gently but hard

she is truthful but snitches

she’s beautiful but ugly


she is indoor but everywhere

she knows no man

she’s known by men

she never had one

But she has been had


She has the dark spit

but spits out the white

she lost the moral

Snitches on the saint


When she talks

i listen through her eyes

thats where the truth lies

i don’t want to fall

i act along



i’m not judging her

Because she’s beautiful

in her own way

I learnt from her.



Nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award



Big thanks to  GETSETWRITE  for nominating me for the Versatile blogger award , it’s my first time, never knew i will be noticed this way, Thank you . This makes want to keep writing regardless of my busy schedule.

I know there are blog posts i read that prompt me to want to keep writing, i get inspired and never want to stop, i will always remember this, thanks GETSETWRITE

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award, and include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate blogs that you have recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Share 7 things about yourself that people might not know.


Things about myself:

  1. No matter what, God first, family follows, regardless of how busy i am, i take out time to be with my parents.
  2. Married and mum of two.
  3. A graduate of English studies.
  4. I love being me and i’m full of surprises, you never can tell the turn i will be coming up with but bet me, it is always the best
  5. I always hope for the best and get prepared for the worse IF it happens
  6. I’m a Nigerian, Yoruba by tribe
  7. I’m a muslim, a practicing one at that and i’m not perfect
  8. I want to learn so many things, so many, there is no limit, even languages, if I am opportune to


My nominations are:

  2. Sohair
  3. Megha’s World
  4. Head Full Of Dreams
  5. 👷🏼Lagos Charisma 👨🏼‍🔧
  6. elganspo
  7. The Militant Negro™
  8. aroused

And so many i will like to nominate, Ive been on this since yesterday but you work first before blogging, though it’s my passion.