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Get Prepared

Life isn’t for all
Accept whatever comes out of it
Life is not a bed of roses

Several things are bound to happen
Good or bad
We do not know
Dua could change it
For the better
If we have faith



via Daily Prompt: Assay

Your words were real
But your heart is not
You are beautiful
Only on the outside
But deep inside of you
Is ugly
How did you manage to have that?

She is so beautiful
Both inside and outside
Free doting heart
And calm soul

You showed it to her
Your defect
She loved on regardless
She believed you
When you told her you’ll catch her
But you let her fall anyway
She still loved on

She stayed stoic
Because of the foundation of her heart
She could be going through a lot
And not let it be known

You lost her
Lost it all
Into the arms of a stranger worth her
You found your match
And now want her back

She’s gone…


via Daily Prompt: Encrusted

I will rather be me than anyone else
I will rather be
The will or might to be and do something
Is not because i can
But because i believe
And i have the faith
In me

If i cannot be the tree
I will rather be the branch
At least,
Birds rest on branches
Even though they rely on their wings

Don’t just be
Be for a reason
And a positive one at that

Don’t just be there
By body and soul
Leave a mark of remembrance




via Daily Prompt: Constant

The constant thing in life is change
Make it for the better
Not the worse
Make it for the good
Not the bad
Make it for heaven
Not for this life

Hard work pays
If your stay constant to it
Stay humble
And determined
One man’s constant is another’s variable

Life hack should not break or mar us,
We should turn it around,
If plan A did not work
There are 25 other alphabets

Saying is easy
But action could be tough
Let’s not resist
The change is for us
Let’s stop fighting the old ideas
But build the new ones
To achieve a better result
Things do not change
We change things We run things

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Most Wanted

via Daily Prompt: Constant

The constant people
Are not the people around
But the people that are there
Not with me
But for me
Not just by flesh
But by heart

In good and bad times
In tough and easy times
Blood related does not really matter
But matters most

Daily Post: Constant


Flinch — Megha’s World

My soul flinches at the very mention of your name My fingers tremble in the night as I recall the nightmare recursively like a bad movie stuck on the reels I want to scrape the memory of yours want to mask it with the empty memories of my life the stench of your sickening presence has […]

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Wear It Nicely

via Daily Prompt: Costume

Our inner thought depicts our actions
Our actions depicts attraction
Attraction depicts people around us
Our actions depicts how people relate with us
You choose.
Thats our COSTUME

It is not people’s thought or outside forces
That makes us feel something but what we tell ourselves
Be true to yourself and don’t let the world control you
Rule your world
According to GLO advert

What we wear, we will be addressed as
Better i wear a happy face and forgiving spirit
So i can have it Vice versa

Clothes makes a statement but our costume tell a story,
We give people a tale to tell about our costume,
We choose what we want
Don’t just choose, choose and wear it nicely.

Before you Judge people
Have you tried being in their shoe?
No, or maybe their costume,
Feel what they’ve felt
Bet you might not survive it.

Don’t judge a book by its cover,
A hard face might have a doting heart
Our life is a movie where we have to choose a costume
Live to well.

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