She is the Fragrance


She is the fragrance

that saints and smells deeply

She is the fragrance that loves

and unquestionably loved back

She is the fragrance with glitters

that lights the darkness

She is the fragrance, the modest, beautifully made

specially for her kind

She is the fragrance that keeps shinning

with a beautiful soul

She does not have to be rich

She is on her average self

She is specially made

And also made herself special

She is the irresistible lavender


Neemat care- xoxo



Life In Two’s


This life is in two’s

Some are alive

Some are dead

Some are sick

While some are the living dead

Some are happy

Some are sad

Some are in complicated mood

While some are happily sad

Some are rich

Some are poor

While some are richly poor

Some are making it

Some are struggling

Some can’t figure it out

While some are aimlessly hopeless

Life has several pages, we choose what page to write on, a remarkable one. We can make it easy for truly, it’s not so easy but with faith, hardwork and persistence, we can make it to the top.

Neemat cares, XOXO

My Man



I need not tell if he loves me or not

I don’t have to

He is the man, the naughty one i asked for

The gentle one


I need not tell if i find him attractive

I don’t have to

But he attracts the every me

That i couldn’t  resist


I need not tell if he looks into my eyes

I don’t have to

But he worships my body

Without overlooking an inch

And i bow down to submission


Mess not with my man

I dare not mess with him

He cannot be traded,

Because he’s down to earth.

All Hail

adult-alone-anxious-568027All hail to the she

that held back

that held on

that remained strong


All hail to her

who stayed respectful

who stayed stoic

who did not show the sadness


All hail to the girl

who forgives regardless

who is not happy

but also not sad

but empty


All hail to her

Who held the pain

And didn’t let it show.





Be Capable



Life is a mirage, very delusional

It tosses, comes and go

We don’t get it all, But with persistence,

We achieve what the mind conceives


I am culpable of my actions

The good or other way,

I choose, but i am culpable

Instead of brooding

I will rather enjoy it as it comes


Today, this moment is all i have,

I better enjoy it right,

the next moment is a mirage of what i know not

Instead of feeling sick over grieve

I will rather lavish my earnings on making me happy

Than spend it on health due to my deep though


Funeral fee and Hospital bill is expensive than catering for myself

You choose

I will be culpable for every acts towards me



via daily post  Guilty

Welcome To The Month



I welcome you to the month, the month of love, care giving and receiving, a month where the little done is received in manifolds

It’s the time to forgive, hold back, keep trying and giving out, doing good deeds and practice religion wisely, a month to receive the best ever reward from the Almighty

It is the time where we have to purify our intentions, sins are forgiven, we become new born, life starts afresh

Welcome to the month where the heart is filled with peace, joy, love and harmony, we humble ourselves, we dress neatly, nicely and modest, pay attentively to our surrounding with good intentions, recite Quran often and donate for Allah’s sake

Welcome to the 12th Arabic month, a month distinguished from other months by a number of beautiful characteristics, to top it all is the last TEN DAYS, how beautiful is this month.

Let us make the best of this month, Taqwa is the ultimate goal of our Ramadan preparation, to be among the righteous for now and forever

I cannot tell it all, it is just too beautifully made, just learn more and more.

Welcome Ramadan, a month of thousands of months.

Ramdan Mubarak pexels-photo-318451.jpeg

Short of Words


When i see you

i’m short of words

i know not what to say

i’m speechless


You sight brightens me up

i need no sun

to brighten my day

your love alone is enough


Seeing you gives my heart rhythm

and this deep happiness

fills my heart

i feel goose bumps

all over me


I’m short of words

but i can’t stop telling it out