Dare To Be

Difficult road they say
Often leads to beautiful destination
Dare to be
No matter how difficult
So i dare to dream
Like i will live forever
And Live life
Like i will die tomorrow

Life is way too simple to take is difficult,roll on, move on,you never can tell what will happen the next second. Instead of throwing in the towel, use it to wipe your face and get back to race.

I smile at every inch done to me, and take not what not to be taken but trust me, i won’t hold back on faults, i don’t shut people out. I love on, i love up, so i let not the behavior of others control my act or allow it to destroy my inner peace.

Do you know that the most world or earthly beautiful things cannot be touched or seen, but can be felt, so smile, its “SUNNAH”, may be you could turn someones’s life page for good.

A good friend(Person)  never gets in ones way except when trying to help one up, in terms of need, dare to be a friend in deed when in need.

Simone De Beauvoir : One is not born a woman, one becomes a woman

No one is  born with bad or good act, you choose and let it out, so choose wisely, act wisely, be wise and above all, let your acts CAPTIVATE


Captivating from  Prompts – The Daily Post


My Doting Dad

Dear Dad

Father to us, Brother to many
Always with me
Thick and thin
At heart and blood
Very amazing, loving and outstanding

Father of nations
Father of girls
Father of mother
Hubby to Mummy

If you don’t believe in Heroes
Try my dad
Super dad he is
Extraordinarily Outstanding
He is the best i can ask for

At my best
I am my father’s daughter
I can not trade him
I may be my daddy’s little girl
But i am his biggest fan
No matter how tall i am
I will always look up to you
We daughters confide in him

He loves,
He cares
He has passion in everything and for everyone
Unconditional love he has for all
He is loved by all

He cares not
But to be happy and make you happy as well
He is blessed with a special beauty
Big heart
Enough for all
Specially made for mum

He gifted us mum
Who loves us equally
And a dotting heart as well
Mummy is a darling baby girl to us

Any man can be a father
But it takes a special one
To be a dad
The greatest gift came from God
Through my dad
And for giving us a doting mum as well

Dear Daddy
You are not growing old
You’re only growing younger
for us to see loving
And care for.

Happy Birthday Daddy.

Better Appreciate

You want to trend
You want to feel and be among
You want to be at the top
That’s because you’re still alive and healthy

You want to hit jackpot
You want to make it in life
You want to your name to be every lips
Better be for good
That’s because you’re still alive and healthy

You want the best skin and dress
Thats because you’ve not seen decayed ones
And a rag wearer
That’s because you’re still alive and healthy

You’re sad cos you’re jobless
Mad at your poor pay
Sick cos you are single
Mad at your spouse
That’s because you’re still alive and healthy

Better appreciate the right thing
Before you loose it all
Appreciate what you have
Before it turns to what you had

Better figure out your happiness
And appreciate the little you have
You feeling bad
Is because you believe you’ve not achieved enough
It’s not who you are that holds you back
Its who you think you are not

Appreciate the writer
Even though you do not want to read it

Appreciate now
Because the dead cannot



Parts Of Me

via Daily Prompt: Branch

I am a branch
Several branches i have in me
Even if a part breaks
It grows back
I am a branch
A strong one at that

A branch of me
Sits to impress people
Forgetting i can only impress myself
Not for people to praise me
But to be a supporting branch to someone
If possible people

I chose to be a branch
A supporting branch
To lives
A life that grows another branch
To extend support
Live life without limit

Bearing in mind
That the sky is not the limit
It will be difficult to stop
Someone who has no mind of quitting
Till he gets to the end
Never look back
Just work it to the end

We should not be afraid to branch out
Try new things
An broken our horizons
We never can tell
Where good it will take us to.



I Remain Firm

via Daily Prompt: Branch

I started as a baby girl
Raised to be a teenager
Grow to be an adolescent
Then nurtured to be a woman
I remain firm

I have faced so much
But stayed firm
Being a woman in the society
Isn’t as easy as thought
I remain firm

I have to choose
Job wise, character wise
Friendship and spouse
Mostly flow with the wrong ones
Learn from them and move on
I remain firm

I just have to keep on
Regardless of what i face
I have to face
Because i have a destination
Destination destined for me
It will be a Chronicle at the end
I remain firm

I am a branch
Of a being
To remain firm
To whatever comes my way




via Daily Prompt: Premonition

Get Prepared

Life isn’t for all
Accept whatever comes out of it
Life is not a bed of roses

Several things are bound to happen
Good or bad
We do not know
Dua could change it
For the better
If we have faith



via Daily Prompt: Assay

Your words were real
But your heart is not
You are beautiful
Only on the outside
But deep inside of you
Is ugly
How did you manage to have that?

She is so beautiful
Both inside and outside
Free doting heart
And calm soul

You showed it to her
Your defect
She loved on regardless
She believed you
When you told her you’ll catch her
But you let her fall anyway
She still loved on

She stayed stoic
Because of the foundation of her heart
She could be going through a lot
And not let it be known

You lost her
Lost it all
Into the arms of a stranger worth her
You found your match
And now want her back

She’s gone…