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Athletics: Game Changers

The world of sports has brought people together all over the world than our imagination, the winning of a team brings laughter to our hearts and faces regardless the country and tribe, we rejoice like we all are winners, the beauty and secrete is never told, no one knows the ingredients to the happiness, we all just celebrate.

It’s the gaming season, I must have been missing out as a lover of athletics to the number of games or events that are available for athletes all year round. It is miraculous how we celebrate a champion today in athletics and in the next event, not even a season, another one shows up.

As a Nigerian, I have watched my country winning lots of medals to not winning at all, I have watched the country being celebrate to not even being recognized, but trust me, I never gave up. I still believed in everything, it’s a game, there are other countries and athletes who are not my country men and women but who are athletes, hoping the someday, I will celebrate once again.

I became a celebrate of different athletes from different countries while I keep a watch on the upcoming ones from my country, Nigeria, I even watch out for Nigerians who do great wearing other country’s jersey. I was always happy for them while I shed tears of joy. Tokyo 2020 which was done in 2021 was a major turn around for athletes.

It became a miracle when we realized new breeds winning in the Olympics and other major events like Diamond League and World Athletics, countries still dominate but there are new breeds from other countries. It was almost a night mare when we realized USA men are no more in the lead but Canada and other countries, Jamaica now has female dominants. The world has been telling the “The Future Is Female” and we are seeing that in sports, in athletics, there are ore female dominate.

Now, let me mention and I stand to be corrected, Nigeria is coming up in the athletics, our track and field is no more slacking but filled with people that not only want to make the country proud but also themselves and their families. The Jamaicans are not looking back no more, I now see Uganda and Kenyan compete In 100m finals , athletics has changed, athletes are not scared no more, countries are not limiting their goals and chances, everyone now has a trial and winning goal, everyone literarily is an athlete at heart.

By: Nimota Idera Dauda-Ajao