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A Request

Dear God, I know not what to say, but I’ll say thank You. Thank you for everything. Everything You’ve done for me, I give thanks. You are the decider, I do not know what to do. I am here and here again. Should I keep going, stay where I am or move backwards. Or should I just change my location forever?

I’ve worked and played, I have cried and wiped my tears, I have been angry and calm, I have been sad and happy, I have friends and foes, I have lovers and haters. I have given and taken and I do it all and all. I have no one to face, I have no one to look at or onto and I have no one’s shoulder to lean on. Here I am at Your feet asking for a burp.

What more can I ask, what more do I need, what more can i ever want, what else do I want to become. I can only strive to be a better me. I can only want and want more for myself, but I know that You alone knows my need.

Dear God, my tears spread my pen ink to liquid, it could not form to write the letters. I am not in pains, but I am In need, my heart is heavy, Only You I can pour it to. No man is a helper except the one You sent.

My body is weak but I give my soul to You to keep strong. My mouth Is shut but I could tell it to You my issues. My eyes won’t stop bleeding tears, it’s uncontrolled, You alone I tried to tell it all to.

The betrayal I have received from men has widened my eyes and here I am, In tear of pains and sorrow, seeking Your face in all that concerns me, as I ask You take control of it all. Dear God, I thank You for making me go through this phase and still could crawl back to You. Dear God, even the letter I have not written, You have read it. You know my right time, grant me patience to pull through.

Letter To God by Nimota Idera Dauda-Ajao

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