The Tears Not Shed

A wasted life
Like a wasted effort
Wishful thought
Like a refreshed life

A life of regret
Leaving the fingers
Hanging in the middle of the teeth
Crying bitterly, without tears

A sorrowful thought
Running through a shallow mind
A mind that yields not 
To severe warnings 

A mind of anger
Raging like thunder
Dangerously sparkling 
Of perilous lightning 

Like the atmosphere of war
About to the wage the community

 A life filled with humiliation
Upon affected emotion
yet, no solution
That knows no morrow

A rejected and dejected life
Whether it will be met or not
A mind flogging its life
Yet, consoling itself

A mind pondering of what's left of it's life
A mind never to give up on its life
A mind hopeful of life again.

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