The Woes Yet To Come

Our nation(Nigeria), is known to be filled with lots of ideas, know and unknown, a democratic nation yet, not practiced. Oppression occurs all aspects, though we have guided laws In Nigeria, some citizens still act and live above the law. We raise our voice to the world, yet, we are not heard, those we speak to are not deaf, they only pretend to be.

According to google dictionary, oppression is “prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or exercise of authority.” also “mental pressure or distress.”. In our economy, we create mental health awareness, we implore people to speak, yet, we leave behind the genesis of the main issue untreated, but choose to take care of the problems it causes.

No child is told what to do, they act out whatever is seen done in front of them, it is said that, we cannot tell what to think of, they only think of the situation around them and act it out as practical.

Google dictionary describes bully as “a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable.”,or seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable). In our various environs, how do we treat people, how do we relate to people in front of our children both old and young, how are our children trained, what do we make them watch, how do we make them communicate, do they have freedom of speech? All of these questions will be answers acted out by the children we raise.

A Molested child, whose parents barely listen to him or her will grow to have fear in them. They will not have the courage to face their peers or raise their voice to be heard. They let whatever done to them, roll by while they suffer in silence. In worst cases, some children grow to retaliate, do the same to younger peers as they grow, for that is what they learn as a child.

As parents, how careful are we with our ward, children and environment? How safe do we keep every child we raise? How often do we check and listen to them? Do we ask them questions when we hear or see them portray different habits?

No child can learn alone, they have to guided, both male and female child are molested, it is not limited to a gender. Let us give children the opportunity to speak their mind. Let us not infuse too much fear in them, as it keeps them away from having free mind to talk. Lots of questions should be asked. Most importantly, we should be careful, what they watch and what we do in front of them.

Bully is another aspect that happens at a child’s early age. Bully starts from scratch, a child should be cautioned when such act is done. Should a child be bullied, it is the job of the parent to notice such in a child as it affects the child in all aspects. Bullying affects a child’s mental health and leads them to keep lots of secrete that can damage them physiologically.

it all boils to making a child to speak up no matter what, making a child have a mind of his own, ability to stand for themselves and right. If none of this is achieved, it could kill a child, such child can be a living dead, such child will be scared of anything and everything, regardless if it’s coming from the oppressor or not.

The bully grew under a parental care of nonchalant or less care, peer pressure is a major aspect to this as most children come together from different family, home or neighourhood. A child portrays what they see, and forced to do what they are told, they loose parental care and control.

The children uncared for, grow to be a menace to the society. They become adult who tend to bully fellow adults and older people. They do not see their acts as bad as it seems, they see it as a norm. When they realize the effect of their bad acts, it’s effect on them, others and the society, they become uncontrolled as they are addicted to the act and cannot get themselves out.

it is best to properly raise a child at the very young age, make them have good peers and most importantly, put up good acts infront of the young child. This will help avoid the “woes to come” in oppression and bully in our society.

By: Nimota Idera Dauda-Ajao

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