Na Only Me You See

If no be only me

Why you like to ask me plenty questions?

Na me you go ask why I black

Why I yellow

Why I thin

You go put anger for my body
You go still day ask why i dey vex
Why I dey para

Why I dey yarn

I no suppose talk

I suppose get patience

That one never reach you!

My mate why I no sabi,

You go dey show them to me

You go dey ask why I get big Baka

Why I dey waka like that

Why I get big breast

You go ask me why I no go school,

Why I too go school

Why i no quick enter school

I late finish school

You go ask me why I no get better job

Why I come get big job

How I get am,

Wetin I do to secure that kain job

You dey para say I too get money

And if I no get, you go still yarn say I no get money

If I dey shine, You go complain

If I no shine, you go still yarn am

You even ask me say Woman like me get motor, wey my own!

Wetin you want, I no know am!

Na me you ask why I never marry

Why I quick marry

Why I marry late

Why I no endure violence for marraiage

Why I dey complain my marriage

Na me you go ask why I never born

Why my pike die

Why I get miscarriage

Why I born only boy

Why I no born girl

Why I no train my pikin

Why I born only one

Abi only two

Na me you ask why them rape

Why i talk am

Why i no talk am

Why i dey accuse person

Why i wear one kind cloth

Wey make them rape me

Na me you go still body shame

Na me no fit for everything

Na me nothing fit

Wait! how you want make i look?

Na me them go molest

Wey no suppose talk am

Even if I talk

You go say ” e don tey why hin happen”

I suppose don forget

Yet, na me face the trauma

Na me no fit stay for one man house

Na me suppose endure violence

Na me no suppose raise voice

Na me them no suppose hear hin voice

Na me no suppose get front position

But you know wetin?

And i get the liver why you day fear

Because I be the WOMAN

Wey you too fear.

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