Life In Kinds

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Life is a book
We live in different pages
Some written
Others blank

Life is a novel
An unending novel
That is read
After we are gone

Life is story
Reading different pages
Feeling happy, other times sad
And then filled with mixed feelings

Life is a poem
In verses and stanzas
Written sometimes to understand
And other times, very hard to comprehend

Life is a battle
We face to conquer
We are either alive or wounded
Or it takes us away

Life is a war
We sometimes win the battle
And loose the war
For we cannot have it all

Life is a table
That comes with pen and paper
Filling all pages with our mysteries
A table we lean on to rest

Life is a cup
We fill with varieties
Of whatever liquid
Life serves us

Life is a dish
Of different cuisines
Some we can consume
And others we cannot

Life is the eyes
We see through different lenses
Some very clear
And other times blur

Life is the sky
That brightens with sun
Sometimes cloudy and windy
Other times dark

Life is the life
That we live as being
How we live our lives
Will be told and written when we are gone

Poem By Nimota Idera Dauda-Ajao

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