Book Review: ILL WINDS

An African novel by Lekan Oyegoke..

Story follows the sudden rich lifestyle of two city moguls who once lived together as neighbors, they never for once liked each other. An epic tale, that digs into the lavish life being lived by these two men, portraying wealth and power, influence in the society and their dark world.

Pappy Kay, who was formerly known as Papa Korede was Mama Korede’s husband, who is filled with disgust and dishonesty of his wife. His kind of love for Mama Korede is nothing to write home about, he only want her for his needs and wants.

Mama Korede found love in the new neighbour arms, who later became Chief Akakoko, who took her in when Papa Korede left with Mama Kudi, their neighbour as well, It was a bitter sweet experience, when she realized Chief Akakoko murdered her first son, Korede, for money rituals.

Her usual nightmares became a reality as she was left in a world new and unknown to her. This secret of Papa Korede’s wealth was revealed, yet his hands are also unclean. With the help of Kolapo and Bob, several stories were unraveled about the two city moguls.

Kolapo, who used to be a friend to Korede, wants to know the real disspaearnce of his child, while Bob through Asabe, wants to know the secret of Chief Akakoko’s wealths.

The story is filled with suspense and flashback with theme of love, betrayal, and more. The story ends with lots of questions to be answered in another novel titled “Knotty Tunes”

Review by: Dauda-Ajao Nimota

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