Book Review: Broken Ladder

An Epistolary by Lekan Oyegoke…

As we have kinds of poetry, same goes for novel, there is epic, epistolary, Bildungsroman and more.

Broken Ladder is a kind of Epistolary one never gets bored at reading, a novel written in form of letters.

It follows the life of different students in their walk through life, thier education and lifestyle.

As the title, so is their life depicted in the novel, Segi and Anna are friends in school, very diligent and good at what they do, Nosa, happens to be the notorious unwanted friend who always find himslef in on trouble or the other.

This indecent act of him made him move from one school to the other till he was rusticated some day. He was proved to be a boy who might not make it in life, life thought him a different kind of lesson when he met Segi, his school mate, who is now in the university, and he, Nosa, a driver.

Segi’s advice made him give his life a re-think by going back to school. This story is still in form of a letter, you need to pick up the book to find out how. Nosa finally was able to gain admission into the same university as Segi, she was some years ahead of him.

Nosa became stronger academically that Segi expected but life has to unravel itself again, when Nosa joined the student union. This made him leave for his old life style again. Upon realizing he was left alone, he lost a year out of school but was a able to catch up still.

He found love and deceit at the sight of Segi. Several other unraveled Stories in this epistolary worth reading and learning from. As the title portrays, though the ladder was broken, life finds it’s way to mend it back.

Review by: Dauda-Ajao Nimota

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Broken Ladder”

  1. I have been looking to read this book again. Love it when I read it and I want another chance to read it again..the greatest I have ever read.

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