The Pandemic Beforehand

If we could see clearly within us, there has been pandemic beforehand even before battling the one at hand. We could see, yet act like it’s not within, our lives been taken every seconds, with little or no acts to make things better. Fighting this pandemic cost nothing unlike the millions being spent to fight what we face now. The cure is within us, we are the cure, it lies in our hands and in our hear

Talking about lives, using black lives, and then moving to saving humanity. Our act towards each and every one of us matters, bringing in a matter that matters so much to our lives, to our color, to our humanity as a whole. The question is “If  our lives matters, how is it being taken?”

We flee our land out of fear, to find solace where we are not loved, all we care about it to make a living, forgetting there are strings attached to this, several unseen and hidden evil, we are surrounded with, and we are left to be the survival of the fittest.

If we call racism the worst type of inhumane act, what do we call tribalism, religious war, nepotism and other inhumane acts a country battles, above it all, we have brainwashed youth who are misguided and left not to think on their own, they have allowed their fingers to work on keypads only to make notice of actions they would boldly not demonstrate LIVE.

Laws are not enforced, the police kill and harass citizens, political leaders ruling before most of us were born, making us know what human right is, ruling while out of office, political party followers head to head with each other while their leaders sit to have fun together in their houses. We as humans are being deceived, yet we know and see this, but still allow ourselves be pulled over.

We pour our rage on the internet(social media), Ofcos we are heard, but little is being done, we are indirectly told to survive by ourselves, manage and take care of our lives. Isn’t this a pandemic before the pandemic? Hunger battling the land, likewise jobless citizens crying for help, business crashing right before our eyes, the economy shaking to crisis it faces on daily basis. What’s worse than this kind of pandemic?

There came a war from overseas, fighting and battling us, yet we could not see but we could feel, this is what we have to battle, leaving behind the initial pandemic because we did not see it as a pandemic.

Killings and kidnapping being reported on daily basis, diseases killing faster than Covid-19, people being poisoned for no reason, to top it all, rape allegations flying every where, mostly true and very few unconfirmed true. Child abuse on different edges of the economy. We only need action to battle these crisis at hand and not washing of hands and using hand sanitizers.

People living with emotional heartbreak, suicide note being written and committing suicide after all. Our justice and security system playing tricks on our dear lives, so much going on, living our lives in Jeopardy.

If all of these does not sum up a pandemic before hand, then what really is? Tribal and religious war weighing in on us, before our very own eyes, taking away innocent souls in minutes, yet we leave this to battle a war we cannot see.

It is better we put this to balance and see to the pandemic we have within us, the pandemic we are battling before hand. And let us hope for a better tomorrow.

To our cyber relatives, whose fighting tool is their keypad, we seek strength for you to be able to make the fight for peace a reality.


BY: Dauda-Ajao Nimota Idera

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