Novel Virus



Romeo and Juliet
Took their love to Asia
Then things fall Apart
A comedy of Error we all thought

Their Ambiguous adventure
Place the world on a famished road
Even the Americanah
Is in Nervous condition

It was So long a letter
I read Under the Udala tree
The secrete lives of Baba Segi’s wives was let loose
The joys of motherhood indeed

There I saw Ake with the Kongi harvest
For we barley have a Grain of wheat
Our husband have gone mad again!
The wives yell

It was Half a yellow sun
The Akata Witch claimed she saw
She could barely see it bright
For she lives in the House of hunger

Efuru said the Grass is singing
Who fears death?
The Thing around your neck
Makes me ponder the Arrow of God

In a Dry white season, I read a Love Letter
With the synopsis of The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born
The Ugly ones are now on death bed
Then we will have A man of the People

Stay with me! Abayomi seek
You will be safe here! Damian Barr plead.
I saw Petals of blood
Beneath the lion’s gaze

How more can we kill this plague,
the Arrow of God we still seek
While we ask Macbeth to Stay at Home
A bit of difference we barely see

The Plague should be Born on a Tuesday
No other Freshwater to seek
Than that of Transparent City
We hope this Plague can be Trafficked to the Dust

The Sugar Girl is not happy
As the Wives Revolt
It’s a stay home for the husbands
The Palm-Wine Drinkard said.

The Anthills of the Savanah
Seen by the Children of Blood and Bones
The Arrow of God we All seek
For the battle to be won.

Stay Home! Stay Safe! The Novel Virus has no cure yet! The Novel Virus is real!

Written By Dauda-Ajao Nimota

A compilation of Novels to describe the Novel Virus: Corona-virus.

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