The Act of Will


As we all know the extent of the pandemic virus that has affected the world, we should see the effect of religion positively in our lives. Our way of life is culture while religion is a belief in and worship to the being not seen, God. We all have been seen to have looked up to the sky for help as this is already out of control, several prayer sessions have been held, national prayer day declared, prayer made often even by the health practitioners as this is way beyond anyone’s imagination and control. Help is seek from above, from the sky, from God. We all have gone back to the beginning, to the ways of the Old, to the ways of the Lord. We all turn to God. We all picking up the “Act of Good Will”.

Let’s leave the fact that some are religious that others, it should be seen a an “Act Of Will” to love our neighbors as ourselves as stated in the holy books, no matter what religion. A good religion preaches good will and acts to human and in fact, helps translate how we should live our lives in a good and marvelous way.

Covid-19, started in a particular region, which ultimately got out of hand as there is no possible cure for it, a joke the entire world thought it to be at first, till affected people started leaving for other regions and now the entire world is not safe anymore. If the “Act of Will” was practiced, there could have been a possible cure or ways to cub it like HIV/AIDS. This virus is worse, the virus communicates more that our imagination or reasoning.

A lot has been put to test ever since the arrival of this virus, our hygiene, our sense of reasoning, our love for money, work and the entire community, our manner of understanding, co-operation, how we adhere to advice given to us.

We should simply ask ourselves, how hygienic are we?.Imagine at this present age, we are told to wash our hands severally, no man would listen to that advert if not this PANDEMIC, that is  out of hand in the states. It simply speaks of how serious we took our hygiene. Several measure we’ve been introduced to, none of which we are naive of. I believe we can see how we have taken a lot for granted.

It’s been stated in several holy book and in fact, hygienically, “No man should leave a place where there is a plague”. If we had adhere to this, i bet if we would ever have a World Virus Threat. The world live in fear as there are no possible ways to treat. Our reason, compassion and love for fellow being is tested.

The overwhelming love we have shown to money, religious/non-religious gathering among others is seized via this pandemic, we have been forced to stay in our homes either we like it or not. Isolating ourselves will help curb this virus and then it dies suddenly. Our world is put to ultimate rest and the earth calls for fresh breath for few days. if we can adhere to this, we will have a better world all over again.

It is saddening how the infected numbers keep growing and death tolls keeps rising, isn’t this a mere show of hatred without us knowing? We can show love and care to the world by not spreading this Virus.

“The act of will” goes a long way in our world. the medical practitioners are facing a war, they seem not to have tools to fight, a battle no man can stand to win, a war zone that is fueled by how obstinate we are by not listening. Let us at least sympathize with them by creating a better world, they have always saved lives and now, they battle to save what has no possible means to stop till we as humans decide.

We can pick “The Act Of Will” by self isolating ourselves and take preventive measure by staying careful, clean and safe, I promise, our world will grant us that beautiful “Act Of Will” we wanted back.
Written by :Dauda-Ajao Nimota
Picture from: pexels.com

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