Old Gate to The Sky


There i stood
Afar, from the gate
In fear i was
Blowing me up
Turning back
Was not
A decision
yet i stood and watch
Hope not lost
Yet i feel lost
If i can
Pass this by…

No one has chosen
To pass by this
Yet i waited
For my thought
To put me through
An old Gate
I see rusted
Yet with hope
I waited to see through
Faith i have all along
For i know
It leads to the sky
A place
I call my home..

An old gate to the sky
I see, rusted with green plants
Looks dead
But speaks alive
Yet, it has no aim
Of a life see through…
My heart leads me on
To a life unimagined
To seek a life
I’m unaware of.
The gate is old
But it’s forever the road
To lead me home
I see across the bridges of hope


Picture by :Paul Militaru

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