Questions To Life And Death


Isn’t life good enough to stay?
Isn’t life a wonderful place to be?
Isn’t life meant to be life itself?
Isn’t life meant to be lively?

The power of life is shortened
Why can’t it question death?
Life is meant to be lived
But only the lucky ones make it to the end

We’d struggle to make the best
Out of life that has no end
Our strength, wearing out
Our lives looking so lifeless

Life can be sweet
And all of a sudden, turns sour
Life is a trial
Life is a test

Why should we face the test of time?
Why should we be tested on fate?
After we call life a teacher
Why don’t we graduate from it’s school?

Ain’t we tired of questioning death?
Ain’t we tired of asking where it’s from?
Ain’t we tired of telling him not to be proud?
Yet! we can’t just face death!

Of what pride does death have?
When It takes a branch
That can grow back
The root is never washed off.

The picture is a definition of life, as the branches are cut short or off, it’s capable of growing back as long as it’s root is still there…it can be seen as different flowers springing up at the stem, that’s how life is, along as there is life, more babies are born…

Photo by Paul Militaru

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