The tiny stroke
So small
surrounded by it’s home
of beard and freshness

Of no us it looks
Bended head to knee
Laziness: name, given
To the tiny stroke

Opadokun, the brave
Sneaks silently,
Blindly looking
Yet could see clearly in the dark

The shooter yet doesn’t kill
Sharp a sharper it is
When it’s root
Is rooted for

Opadokun! The stroke
That strikes countlessly
When seen with it’s hole
Yet, we imagined it’s useless

A stroke men take strength to have
Nurtured to grow, Heavenly strong
Prepares to fight, yet no war
Opadokun! the mighty one

It strikes liquid in millions
To settle for a whole
“Opa” it is called
And later become “okun”

Opadokun births souls
When shot rightly and wisely
Opadokun is a mate of it’s kind
Some compete for best

Opadokun the great
it’s eulogy has no end
Yet, we still eulogies it
You should see opadokun

Opadokun is to be seen
By those of age
It’s to be used
But not misuse

Beware! Opadokun the great!
Take heed to be good
Your strike that rings sweetnesses
Could lead to sorrow

Opadokun!the mighty tree
Without branches
But creates it
Hanging outside the tree

Opadokun! Opadokun!! Opadokun!!!
More is to be told


Photo Credit: Paul Militaru

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