Dear Lover Boy


I know your love
Is so fresh
Like the morning dew
New baby, saint, no sin

Your heart, so clean
And clear
Like the sky
Not see through

Your warmth
Melts souls
With words
Spoken directly

Directly to the heart
Of your lover
I know you love more
Than you’re loved

I know you walk
On the moon
When with your lover
Physically or day dreaming

How your love keeps
Coming fresh
Like it’s always your love
You’re too nice

I can imagine
The butterflies In you
feeling so much love
Despite being a grown ass man

I know
If you’re lucky
With love address
You will write letters

Letters to those
You know not
Just so love
Could rain on all

I wish I could tell
Tell so much of love
You have
For everyone

Now! Don’t shut it out
Give no trial but watch closely
May be your lover
Could have a second thought


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