Mentality Of Lagos Traffic


Lagos traffic can be seen in different DIMENSIONS, i mean, you just have to accept and work with it, in any angle it shows itself to you.

The deplorable state of Lagos roads, i must say, have somewhat affected some Lagosians physiologically , it is not only leading some to aging earlier than normal but also leading some  people too,  to early grave.

I must confess, to survive as a Lagosian, skills must not only be developed but also deployed with immediate effect, if not added to our resume, on how to maneuver, the Lagos traffic.

Traffic in Lagos differs, there is normal Lagos traffic, there is Lagos traffic of bad roads, there is Lagos traffic of bad road couple with when it has rained or raining cat and dog, there is Lagos traffic of bad road, raining cat and dog couple with you competing using the road with heavy duty trucks, and lastly, if the later happens on a Friday, i’ll advice you come along with your sleeping mat and duvet, for you will be passing the night on the road.

Where do i even start picking my claims, from the Apapa Oshodi Axis to and fro should be a no no for small vehicles, you might be glad that your are moving freely on the express, but from Second Rainbow, you will take a bow and have to look for where to park your vehicle. Of cos, it’s manageable as most busses ply one-way .

This seems to have no end, as the heavy duty trucks have way of making their journeys through various streets of Ajegunle leading to Tincan-Coconut axis, i must tell you, it’s somewhat deadly. For this alone has widened the mouth of the so called “area boys”, claimed “tout” on the streets they ply, they charge these truck drivers so much and they pay.

The festive season definitely added it’s sauce to the traffic in Lagos, do we talk about those leaving Lagos, traveling along Lagos Ibadan Express-Way? You should see the way i shake my head from left to right. It’s a hell on it’s own, when one have to go through that suicide mission called traffic all in the name of leaving Lagos, claiming to go rest and have fun in the “Village”, i hail. Also, those attending shows and events on the Island, the honorable Eko Atlantic and Eko convention, hmm hmm, *smile*, people must have fun regardless.

As travelers embarked on their journey out of Lagos, well, to an extent, it’s a plus to those of us that remain in Lagos, as we have a traffic free state and free movement anywhere, any time, and let’s not forget the holiday some companies have, which made workers not to rush to work as early as 5am.

Nonetheless, we should know the best way to have our prompts attended to  via the newly bike companies which can be ordered via apps and so, Uber/taxify ain’t bad, mind you, they are not the best option when important issues are to be attended to. Better still, we leave home earlier than normal. This is in the case of heavy traffic JAM

I rest here.


On Lagos Traffic.




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