The Beautiful Season

The ubiquity of Ramadan, Islamic fasting month, is fasting from dawn to sunset, where a pre-dawn meal Is called Sahur and the sunset break of fast is called Iftar. This season unravels a different kind of environment, even some of the non muslims partake In the fast. .
For donkey years, it remains a beautiful moment Muslims look up to, though, it is one of the pillars of Islam, and mandatory for all Muslims, it is seen as a way to specially connect with Almighty Allah. .
I don’t know where to start to tell all the grouse things we achieve during this wonderful month, where every good thing you do doubles likes wise the bad, so you choose. Therefore, one should give askance look to acts that nullify the fast. .
Ramadan is an inlet to forgoing so many things, if you’re lucky, you keep to the practice after Ramadan ends. No backbiting, smoking, drinking (alcohol mostly), fib to no one, name all the bad acts. One forgo it all. No one wants to miss this opportunity of life time for you’re not certain of the next year to come. .
One good thing is, there’s no competition with anyone, you are awarded what you do, therefore, Muslims tend to be nice to each other, feeding the poor, reading to Quran, increase in offering Solat (5 daily prayers), name the good things, for we believed it will be doubled. .
And the last ten days, we believe to be measurable to thousands of days, as anything asked for during the odd night, will be answered. It’s is seen as the best nights of Ramadan. .
So much to tell on our beautiful month, make sure you observe your fast accordingly, be sincere with your solat, give zakat and recite your Quran to make meaning to you. 🤗


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