Richly Poor Poorly Rich

I love my country so much

I Stand to be corrected


1. Title 1

Oxymoron is
Paradoxically true
For a mouth that works
With nothing to chew.

Take a deep breath
Then duff your beret
For a Place, my Place
Of enormous wealth.

A place with a trace
Of the promise land
Yet her populace
Dine swim in penury flood.

Millions of affluent
Willing to buy breath
Dictating the script
Money answereth bullshit

The scars and rashes
Needs no glasses or elite
To interpret the gnash
Of fingers and teeth.

Times are hard as a rock
And unemployment
Control the stocks

Opportunities fly
As time goes by
We struggle and try
To be opportuned or die.

But success is delayed
Because tommorrow is sold
Many are born indebted
Yet grow into worse of folds.

Written by Neematdiary & Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

2. Title 2

The East call us a zoo
The North call us a fool
The South call us cruel
The West use us as school.

Now we are all left
In a jungle to hustle
Hence face our troubles
To survive as the fittest.

Written by Neematdiary & Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

3. Title 3

Dumping nature for glits
We leave village homes
Heading for mansions
In the big cities.

Kings turn to slaves
Warriors turn cooks
When we go broke
We turn beggars

Whereas back home
Our food rots…
Caused by greed.

Written by Neematdiary & Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

4. Title 4

We were kings and queens
Custodian of the gods
Until we exposed ourselves
To the hatred that engulf us

Artifacts we battered
Exchanging our rods
Discarding our gods
For crosses and moons.

Yes we had ethinicities
But we then worsen it
By borrowed extremist
And religious fanatics.

Written by Neematdiary & Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

5. Title 5.

We are blacks
We are not whites

For beeping alerts
They morgage tommorrow

Though we complain
Of the handlers,

We are the programmers
Of our very mischief.

The truth is known to us
But we close our eyes

Pilling up files
For generations to come

Yet, we complain
I blame no leader

I blame ourselves
For giving out our right

To the those men
Who barely know theirs.

I am at fault
You are at fault

Change they say
In life constant

But remember
It begins from within

What policy
Have we imbibed

Before we can effect
The change at heart

I had to check myself
Take my corrections

Before I could
Lay out the blames.

Written by Neematdiary & Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

6. Title 6.

The grass is greener
At the otherside
But do you know
The maintainace it has?
Let us make a great Nation
Don’t feel blessed
For amenities done
It is our right, a must do.

No leader took money
From his father’s pocket
To do us good,
Whatever spent
Is our sweat
Don’t be fooled
By picture advert,
Of what importance?

Don’t be fooled
By age or position,
Don’t let your argument,
Argues vaguely
And irrelevantly,
Cover your sense of reasoning
Be productive, be loyal to you
And your surroundings

Be an achiever of good deeds
While at that, love your folks
As you love yourself
And lets see if a leader
Who knows not his right
Can persuade you to wrong
Because he believes
You to be a fool you are not.

Composed by https://neematdiary.wordpress.com/
Edited by https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com/


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