Be Everything

You can’t be everyone
But make sure you are everything
Be your unlimited edition

Be brave and fearless like the honeybager
Be fast and smart like the cheeter
Be strong and bold like the lion
Do not announce your move, ask the tortoise

Be calmly strong like the hippo
Be a pain in the ass to your unbelievers like the cobra
Be a rat to disturb them
Be the cat, your sound scares them
Your appearance chase them all

Be the shark that smells coming trouble( human blood- wickedness)
Be the croc ready to diguise
To win them all
Be a sloth, slow and steady wins the race
Be a dove; gentle, calm and nice

Tell it as it is like the parrot
Bring family and loved ones together
just like the meercat
A wild dog never give up
Be the patient vulture
Not the devouring vulture

Be the fearless racing bull
Never relent to fight back
like the Skunk
Be the different specie of birds
Stay aloof and make difference
Regardless your size

I cannot name all

Don’t just fight, fight like a mum, caring for her young lad, fight to losse nothing

And above all, be the elephants who are natural winners.

Be everything.


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