I see hearts filled with love
Not only walking in Isle in gown and suits
But an inner bliss of a soulmate
Singing “that i’ve got you”

Your sweet charming beauty
Though beyond facial looks
Tells so much of fruitful years
To come , in abundance to share

Patience took over you in search
For compatibility, for richer rich
How beautiful it is now that you have
Such meal to serve…

This meal called love you have
Is a beautiful thing you know
And happiness is found
When the mind is rest assured

Now you walk an assured journey
A journey of happily ever after
To procreate and multiply
I know you shall make a good parent

The wind may blow figs but be a wing
Stay strong if  for no other thing
But for the love you fell for
Welcome to the league to crave for

Happy Married Life!


Edited by        Poems by VinX     

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