Baale Adugbo

Have you heard of the street king?


Baale adugbo he is

King of the street in his own area

he is a fine man

he is not cute, he is not handsome


Baale Adugbo is jobless

But he gets all he wants

He has no savings

He pays no bills

He’s a one man mopol


He attends every occasion

He gets fed at no cost

He is respected for no deeds

He is the street king, the Baale Adugbo


Baale Adugbo has turn red

He kept an un-fine  (not fine) tiny beard

He’s becoming aged

And looking, acting and pretending to be young


Baale adugbo is funny to me

He seems important and makes himself such

But he’s not, he offers nothing to us

Baale should BAAA

But he’s not

What do i call him?



Neemat cares

My #tatafoseries #thestreetking #Baaleadugbo

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