Welcome To The Month



I welcome you to the month, the month of love, care giving and receiving, a month where the little done is received in manifolds

It’s the time to forgive, hold back, keep trying and giving out, doing good deeds and practice religion wisely, a month to receive the best ever reward from the Almighty

It is the time where we have to purify our intentions, sins are forgiven, we become new born, life starts afresh

Welcome to the month where the heart is filled with peace, joy, love and harmony, we humble ourselves, we dress neatly, nicely and modest, pay attentively to our surrounding with good intentions, recite Quran often and donate for Allah’s sake

Welcome to the 12th Arabic month, a month distinguished from other months by a number of beautiful characteristics, to top it all is the last TEN DAYS, how beautiful is this month.

Let us make the best of this month, Taqwa is the ultimate goal of our Ramadan preparation, to be among the righteous for now and forever

I cannot tell it all, it is just too beautifully made, just learn more and more.

Welcome Ramadan, a month of thousands of months.

Ramdan Mubarak pexels-photo-318451.jpeg

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