Not Always Enough

I felt left out, thinking i cannot be there, not believing i could be there, could not figure a way out

I was accused of being lazy, not hardworking, poor thought and unable to be productive

At first, i looked away, there i saw people ahead, realized them all moving, thought i should strive too

I then picked  a struggle, picked one to be appreciated, strived to the zenith, but didn’t get, was not appreciated

Became worried, worried on which way to go, which turn to take, who to turn to, none but the believing folks

Then put in my best, it was never good enough, kept moving on, going forward, but the perfection i wanted, i couldn’t find it

I have forgotten that i can only be me and not get the perfection, it hurts, cry rolls, fear engulf for not being good enough

Will i ever be appreciated, will i receive the accolade, will i be noticed for my best being?Then i though may be i’m not good enough, for my “unlikers”i can only do my best, my vey best and nothing more.

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