My Doting Dad

Dear Dad

Father to us, Brother to many
Always with me
Thick and thin
At heart and blood
Very amazing, loving and outstanding

Father of nations
Father of girls
Father of mother
Hubby to Mummy

If you don’t believe in Heroes
Try my dad
Super dad he is
Extraordinarily Outstanding
He is the best i can ask for

At my best
I am my father’s daughter
I can not trade him
I may be my daddy’s little girl
But i am his biggest fan
No matter how tall i am
I will always look up to you
We daughters confide in him

He loves,
He cares
He has passion in everything and for everyone
Unconditional love he has for all
He is loved by all

He cares not
But to be happy and make you happy as well
He is blessed with a special beauty
Big heart
Enough for all
Specially made for mum

He gifted us mum
Who loves us equally
And a dotting heart as well
Mummy is a darling baby girl to us

Any man can be a father
But it takes a special one
To be a dad
The greatest gift came from God
Through my dad
And for giving us a doting mum as well

Dear Daddy
You are not growing old
You’re only growing younger
for us to see loving
And care for.

Happy Birthday Daddy.

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