Dare To Be

Difficult road they say
Often leads to beautiful destination
Dare to be
No matter how difficult
So i dare to dream
Like i will live forever
And Live life
Like i will die tomorrow

Life is way too simple to take is difficult,roll on, move on,you never can tell what will happen the next second. Instead of throwing in the towel, use it to wipe your face and get back to race.

I smile at every inch done to me, and take not what not to be taken but trust me, i won’t hold back on faults, i don’t shut people out. I love on, i love up, so i let not the behavior of others control my act or allow it to destroy my inner peace.

Do you know that the most world or earthly beautiful things cannot be touched or seen, but can be felt, so smile, its “SUNNAH”, may be you could turn someones’s life page for good.

A good friend(Person)  never gets in ones way except when trying to help one up, in terms of need, dare to be a friend in deed when in need.

Simone De Beauvoir : One is not born a woman, one becomes a woman

No one is  born with bad or good act, you choose and let it out, so choose wisely, act wisely, be wise and above all, let your acts CAPTIVATE


Captivating from  Prompts – The Daily Post

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