Wear It Nicely

via Daily Prompt: Costume

Our inner thought depicts our actions
Our actions depicts attraction
Attraction depicts people around us
Our actions depicts how people relate with us
You choose.
Thats our COSTUME

It is not people’s thought or outside forces
That makes us feel something but what we tell ourselves
Be true to yourself and don’t let the world control you
Rule your world
According to GLO advert

What we wear, we will be addressed as
Better i wear a happy face and forgiving spirit
So i can have it Vice versa

Clothes makes a statement but our costume tell a story,
We give people a tale to tell about our costume,
We choose what we want
Don’t just choose, choose and wear it nicely.

Before you Judge people
Have you tried being in their shoe?
No, or maybe their costume,
Feel what they’ve felt
Bet you might not survive it.

Don’t judge a book by its cover,
A hard face might have a doting heart
Our life is a movie where we have to choose a costume
Live to well.

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