Dear Self

via Daily Prompt: Conveyor


What matters to me most is not the want of this world
But what i make of and out of it
Kudos to the conveyor of my life
My Mother
My conveyer my transporter

Whatever i do
I have the fear in mind
Of my Maker
Whatever i do is for His sake
I learn to do good and not keep it in mind
But seek forgiveness by remembering my bad

The world is not all for me
I try hard not to live it like so
I am a traveler in this world
And will one day
get to my destination
Thanks to my conveyer my Maker

My belt holds my pants up but the belt loops hold my belt up. So which one is the real hero? Mitch Hedberg

Who i’m i to assume pride on myself
Who i’m i to belittle others
I’ll rather lay low
So as not to invite my downfall

I’ll rather be my simple self and make impact in lives
If not for plant or animal
I should not be a destroyer
I”ll rather be the person that will help people to be important people

I chose to live a life i will look back to and give praise
Than a wasteful spending life of show off
I’ll rather be stubborn to my goals
Than watch is melt away
But i will try to make my methods flexible.

Be somebody
That will convey people
To convey themselves
To convey others
To be fruitful to themselves and the society
And to the glory of His Almighty

I decide to be myself and not follow the crowd or trend.

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