My body weight is yours on mine
My mind is not so dirty at all
Just can’t resist thinking about you
I was quick to consume you,
Regardless of your weight,
I could carry you.

The inner pains i feel during the day
Cannot be likened to the one at night.
You are inside,
Deep inside of me
I hold on
I resist the pain

I get touched gently
I’m being held tenderly
I get kissed passionately

Hurriedly I undress myself,
I pulled off
Pulled it all off
Because of the emotional labour pain I’m having

I was AGILE to let you out
Because i couldn’t wait to see you
Because of the love of becoming a mother
Because of the love i have for my baby
Because of what i have sacrificed for love.

How lovely and AGILE it is to be a mum.

Picture by Wayne Evans from Pexels

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via Daily Prompt: Agile

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