Good name they say is better than silver and gold

Lay a good foundation of good act and character to live longer than your death

We blame people or rather society for what we become

It better the the good

We are responsible for what we carve out of our lives

Good or bad


Someone ones told me destiny cannot be changed

Says who?

Have your considered the power of Dua?

That’s a way of carving out the good from the supposed bad by God’s grace.


I carve the good done to me stones and

Write the bad on the sand

And that’s a good way to remember people

Because, i do not judge,

If you did me bad today,

You could be my savior tomorrow.

I don’t loose hope on people.


Following the crowd and not thinking for oneself

Is allowing the society carve their being into one’s life,

I will rather reply “okay and thank you”


Stay Positive by being positive

Carve positive

via Daily Prompt: Carve

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