Being Me

Late 2017, i face a hell of stress heading to work and coming back, i over spend on transportation more than my budget and still get to work and home late, i couldn’t drive to work because of the Apapa traffic situation.


I was born and bred up in Lagos,Nigeria, Mainland to be precise, I’m a daughter of the Ebute Metta soil, if you know, you know. Right from my young age, some things or let me say most things are still the same and getting worse by the day and i keep asking when things will be back to normal. Several political instability, all come and done theirs and go, slight difference.

The issue of bad road is a norm in Lagos that when you get to an area where there are good roads, you could be shocked at how good that road is. Apapa has been for years not in good condition. I started working in Apapa 2013, met that road in a bad state and the gist then was it had been like that for years before 2013. Hectic traffic, trailers and containers falling off everyday.


My bitterness is not only about the road but also we the road users, this include the truck and car drivers, some of these trucks spend weeks on the road to get to port to load and we the other road users had to extra spend, face hell, trek get embarrassed by the bus conductor all. One should be glad and happy to go to work but the mere thought of the road, turns one off to work.


I will leave home as early as possible to work, get back home late and tired at the same, care for my kids and make dinner, tiredly sleep, wake up the following day to keep up with the same routine and you know the bitter truth, i still have to look fly, try to look tight and straight, not showing the flaws in me due to the daily stress. One area nigga will now come and raise two hands saying “”MADAM THE MADAM, YUMMY HOT MUMMY OF TWO DROP SOMETHING FOR YOUR BOY”

My dear, sorry is your name, i work hard to earn my money not to come and lavish it on your hailing, then i’m stingy, thank you, it is my stingy, not yours, when you have your own, lavish it.




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