I choose not to be dissapointed

I might not have been in my best

I might not have summed up to expectations

Because am not perfect

Remember we all have personal challenges, we have personal battles not just to fight  but to win

I am just beautiful the way i am

Your acts towards me

Depicts who truly you are

Even at my best, it is never appreciated

My littlest or silliest mistake turns you off

But am focused on being me and not bother on your thought




via Daily Prompt: Focused


Try Empathy

My fear is not loosing it all,

my fear is seeing everything go down beyond fix.

We cannot keep folding our arms and watch things destroy beyond repair.

It is that bad that the alternative is becoming a dead end.

We cannot get tired of complaining or just keep watching and folding our arms,

We will not let sleeping dog lie and not watch it destroy totally.

In my country, we love to count our chickens before they are hatched and we do not pull the bulls by the horn.

Not until life is lost on this road (Tincan- Coconut; Apapa Oshodi Expressway axis) before immediate action will be taken,

Something should be done before it’s too late.

Only we involved can relate, whenever I see this, I feel sad and slightly happy.

I always bear in mind that we are our own natural disaster. Imagine the waste, it blocks the drainage and when it rains, there won’t be free flow of water which will cause flooded road and it destroys it

This is the service lane side of coconut, Apapa Oshodi Expressway, it’s now very bad.

Yes we know the road has been awarded to the contractors and those to fund it are well aware of it but when will it be executed?

When my people choose to clean the drainage, they keep it by the road sir and when it rains it flushes back in or spreads to the road. Wow! How sensible! And it is this same we(us) that throws the waste in the drainage, I won’t leave myself out. We all are guilty!

My take is we try empathy and put ourselves in other people’s shoe, we all are suffering this together, especially on this road.

For lifting of petroleum products, its this road.

For lifting of imported goods, its this road.

And it is left horrible.

When we are in power to do things or to help others,

Let us bear in mind we are helping ourselves and not just those peoples we intend helping.

Whatever we want to do should be perfectly done to the Glory of the Almighty.

Remember, the boat might be moving forward, but it is peddled back and forth.

The ticking clock stops only when faulty but it still comes back to where it began.


Responding to The Daily Post on ; FINITE

There is limit to my action on someone loosing it with me or beside me, I have no say.

I could unleash my own anger too but it might complicate matters.

It’s better I keep mute and not be blamed for an act I didn’t portray.

But for the act portrayer, why not try control yourself and not let people keep off you.


If we are waiting for satisfaction or a complete opportunity

We will never get something done

We should bear in mind that time is never enough, we just have to get things done anyway.

Just do it should be our watch word

No matter what, just do it right.

While waiting for job opportunity, someone is creating job and receiving the glory

While waiting for boss idea, another company already executed your project that could take your company places.

We are not perfect neither is there a perfect time, no one knows it all, we all just keep trying .

Don’t expect to be the best at first trail and you cannot get to the zenith just so easy.

Just never give up and one day, you will get to the peak.


The older I get

The more I realize I do not want to be around drama and conflicts

I focus on battling my personal battle

And not bother about others concern or say

Instead of wishing for others goals or achievements

I chose to focus on my own

I stopped fighting loosing battles

I have come to realize I am me, myself and I am for no one but myself

I wish not for myself what others have

But work and hope for the best for myself

Not aiming for and at what I cannot afford

Life we know is a “do it yourself” exercise

I chose to be and become me and not fight loosing battles

I choose to live my life and not the supposed (MEDIA) life

Instead of fighting loosing battles,

I will sit alone in my war room and keep myself whole.