She Has A Heart

she has a heart
she was very innocent
deeply innocent
she loved you
loved you with her heart
loved you with all she has
             you smiled
your handsomeness made her beautiful
she gave you all, surrendered all
           you laughed
believing in your unending laughter
showed her love in another dimension
she believed in you
she shared it all
you smiled and laughed at her
she believed in your cupboard love
crocodile tears
you used her and tell it out
you took her for granted
she still loved and remained happy
she found love elsewhere and made a home
you became jealous
you were not satisfied
because you needed more of what you have lost
yet she prayed and wished you well
you found love
feeling happy  but spying on her
I fear karma



About Neemat

Facing life as i see it and i hope i will express it positively. Neematdiary is not a copy of what you imagine as diary but a way of expressing myself through the faces of life. All you need might just be there
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