Your thought about someone describes who you are

what you say about someone is exactly what you are

not just on the inside but the outside

your talk, gossip, backbite about someones act

won’t help,

why not face them and make corrections,

and if you are scared,

put them in Duas(prayers)

what you hope for others is what you simply wish for yourself

and what you say onto others is equally what you’re saying to yourself

hope and wish goodness to others.

Don’t be good to others with the hope of them returning the favour

you will end up


Mind you, whatever good you do to someone is for yourself,

the person might through you make it in life morally, financially

you’ve only added an advantage to yourself .

Be happy, pick a struggle by always helping out and solving problems,

Don’t expect returned favours

Do your part and more online a wheel.


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