if falling again is the reason for you not rising,

you better rise,

and let not fear consume your mind,

because it is a poor chiseal towards success,

rise again

even if you keep falling,

don’t stop yourself,

even if the world stops you.




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It takes nothing to be kind but goes a long way

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That moment i feel bad
That moment i do not like myself
That Moment i do not like my life
That moment i regret it all
That moment i never wanted
That moment my past hunts me
That moment i cry and tears never drops
That moment i want to turn back the hand of time
That moment i wish i never had
That moment i want to start all over again
    I feel it shouldn't be me
    I feel dejected and rejected
    I still feel it shouldn't be me
But i wish no one else
That moment it's all right and i feel its wrong
    What can i do?
I turn to my maker, Yes! my maker.
     Yes! that very moment.